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Introduction to Post Patio Heaters
Post patio heaters are stable and grounded post units that provide warmth and heat to your space, allowing you to comfortably enjoy any room year-round. The outdoor post heaters available at LuxeDecor are fueled with natural gas and require professional installation. This style of heater is durable and reliable. The constant flow of heat from these heaters makes them a great choice for commercial spaces and businesses, but post heaters can also fit in residential spaces. Shop a selection of post patio heaters from the industry's leading brands at LuxeDecor, and start entertaining comfortably outdoors today.

Different Styles and Types of Post Patio Heaters
LuxeDecor is proud to carry the Sunglo permanent post natural gas heater which is crafted from stainless steel and made in the USA. Post heaters crafted of stainless steel will not corrode or rust, and are extremely resistant to the elements.This style of heater comes with a year warranty, so if you are not satisfied by the radiating heat from this heater you can return it effortlessly. Standing tall and regal, Sunglo’s statuesque post patio heaters come in silver stainless steel or polished black steel to match your space. This post heater also offers several ignition customization options including 24 Volt control ignition, 24 E Volt control series ignition, and manual DSI ignition.

Benefits of Post Patio Heaters
There are an endless amount of places that you can put Sunglo’s post patio heaters. Post heaters make it easy to entertain in spaces that are exposed to the elements such as porches, sunrooms, patios, garages, and rooftops. Post heaters can heat a surrounding area up to 20 feet, allowing you to keep your entire space and all your family and guests warm. Sunglo’s heaters weigh around 70 lbs, making them durable and giving you peace of mind that they won’t knock over even in the windiest areas.