Outdoor Umbrellas: Style Meets Functionality

Outdoor Umbrellas

You love to entertain. It is one of the advantages of having a large and comfortable home. If you have invested in your outdoor area and built a patio from scratch, then you will want to use it as much as possible. You want to set a scene on your patio. You want it to be warm and welcoming. Adding outdoor umbrellas can help you achieve this goal.

Before You Buy

Outdoor umbrellas are not exclusively decorative. They can also offer some measure of protection against a blazing sun and falling rain. There are many things to ponder before you buy a set. Design, style, material, and overall fitness for your patio are among some of the things that you should consider before you buy.

Features to Consider

The outdoor umbrellas you buy will be a center of attention on your patio. Here are some of the features you want to think about:

  • Style and Design. You should only buy table umbrellas for patios that are level and even. This is the only way to keep them from wobbling and tipping over. If you intend to install the umbrella, then it will be hard to move it later on. However, installed outdoor umbrellas are perfect for large deck patios, pool sides, and other developed areas in your backyard. A freestanding umbrella is also a good option. You can move such umbrellas to wherever your kids and guests happen to be. Most freestanding umbrellas can be placed anywhere. However, they will not be as stable as a fixed umbrella. They can easily tip over in high winds. Freestanding umbrellas require more maintenance, and they must be put away after use.
  • Size. To be properly shaded, you want an umbrella that is larger than the table or area you are trying to cover. You should look for umbrellas that are a couple of feet wider than your table. If you have an exceptionally large table, then you will need an exceptionally large umbrella.
  • Material. Your umbrellas should be made of lightweight fabrics that are strong, stain proof, and easily foldable. Strength is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fabrics. But robust fabrics do exist. You must find the manufacturers that make them and the retailers that sell them.
  • Configuration. A tilting umbrella will give you the means to angle it against the sun, and thus protect you and your guests from harmful sunlight. This configuration of outdoor umbrella can be especially useful if there are no trees or nearby homes to provide extra shade. If you have a large patio area with multiple seats and sofas and an outdoor bar, then you should consider a cantilever outdoor umbrella. They are made to angle out over a large area while staying out of everyone’s way. They are more stylish alternative to a full canopy, which can be both expensive and gaudy looking.
  • Base Weight. You will also need to purchase a base weight to hold the umbrella down. A typical outdoor umbrella needs between 20 to 40 pounds to hold it in place. Freestanding umbrellas require a heavier base: 50 to 80 pounds. There is no skimping on a base weight. Doing so can lead to disaster.

Types of Outdoor Umbrellas

There are many kinds of outdoor umbrellas. Here are some of the most common types available on the market:

  • Garden Umbrella. If you entertain in your garden rather than a patio, it may be better to purchase this type of umbrella. They tend to be custom-made for this type of environment.
  • Beach Outdoor Umbrellas. These umbrellas are engineered to withstand wind and the wear and tear of sea air and sun. They are foldable, portable, and lightweight so that you can easily carry them with you for a day out on the beach.
  • Small Patio Umbrella. If you have a small patio and even smaller tables, then you should buy outdoor umbrellas that complement the dimensions of both. It looks plain awkward to have a large or regular-sized outdoor umbrella on a small patio. Not to mention the space it takes up.

How to Choose Outdoor Umbrellas

Shopping for outdoor umbrellas is no small matter. You should not make your choice based on the whim of a moment. You should instead think through the choices you make. Here are some of the factors you want to sort through:

  • Brand. A brand is a promise. It is a guarantee that a company gives to customers about the quality of its products. Companies earn credit with their customers by living up to these standards. That is how they earn brand names. If you have high standards, if you will accept nothing but the best in the items you buy, then you should purchase outdoor umbrellas from the most reputable brands.
  • Durability. If you plan to live in your current home for a while, then you want outdoor umbrellas that will last the duration. The material and design of an umbrella are the things that most determine its durability. You should make sure of both before you buy.
  • Price. If you are decorating your patio, then you may have a budget. You can find outdoor umbrellas that will not force you to exceed your financial limit. The best retailers make such offerings all the time.
  • Warranty. You should not have to accept outdoor umbrellas that have been damaged or that are defective. If you discover such discrepancies, then you should be able to return your umbrella for a full refund or an exchange. The bottom line here is that your purchase should include a sound warranty that holds the manufacturer and retailer accountable for any shortcomings in the umbrella.

In Summary

The outdoor umbrellas you buy should reflect your sense of taste and style. They should also hold up well against the elements and be durable enough to last for many years. You now have the tools to make an informed choice. Check out our great selection!

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