Rugs & Area Rugs

Introduction to Rugs
If you want to transform the look and feel of a room instantly, area rugs can be layered anywhere to bring unmatched ease and comfort to your home. An area rug is a great accessory that allows you to enhance the style of your home, while adding a cozy touch underfoot that will make your home feel like a true sanctuary. Whether you place an area rug at your entryway as a welcoming touch for you and your guests, along hallways as a point of visual interest against bare floors, or as a central motif in major spaces likes living rooms and bedrooms, adding floor coverings to your home hosts a number of aesthetic and functional value. Besides making a strong impact on the appearance and overall look of your home, carpets can act as a barrier against noise, help protect your floors from scratches and everyday wear, and bring a level of comfort that make your home feel lived-in and complete. LuxeDecor has a vast selection of over 34,000 styles by the best brands in the industry including Safavieh, Surya, and Loloi (among many others), that are designed with the highest quality, and cutting-edge style, to brighten and beautify your home in any setting.

Different Types of Rugs
Your overall sense of style, mood, and function will help dictate the type of rug you choose for the rooms in your home. There’s an endless selection of indoor outdoor rugs in sizes that range from small to large area rugs available at LuxeDecor, in styles that will appeal to everyone. Whether you’re searching for classic Oriental rugs, novelty sports rugs, bold contemporary patterns, or transitional designs, LuxeDecor has plenty of options of durable, high-quality floor coverings for sale for any space in your home. You can browse by size (which includes everything from lengthy runners, to standard 5 x 8 rugs, to small entryway mats), shape (with rectangular, octagon, oval, square and round rugs available), construction type (braided, flatweave, and handmade), and material to help narrow your search for the perfect carpet. LuxeDecor believes in bringing you the best value in home furnishings, so no matter what rug you choose, you are sure to receive a rug constructed with the finest materials. You’ll find bamboo, cotton, hemp, jute, leather, seagrass, sheepskin, silk, and wool rugs: each with their own unique attributes and benefits. shag rugs, for example, bring an amazing amount of whimsy and comfort to your floors with their fuzzy, high pile. Sisal rugs, which are made from resilient and natural sisal fibers, make extraordinary outdoor rugs and kitchen rugs for their durability against moisture and the usual demands of everyday living. Whatever your purpose, our wide selection makes LuxeDecor a one-stop shop for the best quality floor coverings for every room of your home.

Decorating With Rugs In Your Home
LuxeDecor firmly believes in delivering cutting-edge style and comfort for any place of your home at an affordable price point. LuxeDecor takes pride in offering our customers the best value and selection of contemporary styles in plenty of colors, styles, and patterns to appeal to a broad range of aesthetics and tastes. Our carpets are available in a deluge of colors from neutrals, such as beige, black, white, and grey, to a spectrum of rainbow brights or pastels, including pink, orange, green, purple, red, yellow, and teal (and everything in between). Patterns run the gamut from animal prints and replica skins, to geometric patterns such as stripes and chevron patterns, to ethnic inspired Moroccan and Southwestern designs. You’ll find damasks, floral and botanical inspired designs, to pretty paisleys, and solid-colored options. Whatever design you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a unique look that reflects your personality and style at LuxeDecor.

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