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Enjoy Dinner Outside with the Family

Having an outdoor dining table offers extra space for you to enjoy friends and family at your home. No longer are you stuck inside when the weather is beautiful. Instead, your outdoor dining room furniture provides a place for family and friends to gather, a spot to do some work, or a place to enjoy a meal. No matter what you plan to do with your outdoor space, having patio dining furniture is a must-have for outdoor enjoyment and entertaining. 

Before You Buy 

When shopping for outdoor dining furniture, you must consider many things to ensure the set you choose is the best for your space and entertaining needs. Some things to consider before buying outdoor dining furniture include: 

  • Table height — Do you want a standard table height, counter height, or bar height?
  • Table size — How much space do you have outside to fit an outdoor dining table comfortably? 
  • Weather conditions — What is the weather like where you live? Will the weather cause damage or fade the contemporary outdoor dining furniture you choose?
  • Dining furniture placement — Where will you place the outdoor dining furniture? 
  • Comfort — Do you need to purchase outdoor furniture cushions for added comfort? 
  • Storage — Do you need additional storage space, and can the outdoor dining furniture provide it? 
  • Budget — How much money do you have available to spend on your outdoor dining furniture? 

Features to Consider

Outdoor dining furniture has many features available, making it possible to find a set that fits your outdoor living space’s design, but is also practical and functional. 

  1. Accessories. Most outdoor dining sets can add additional accessories, such as lights, umbrellas, and cushions. 
  2. Easy-Care. Reduce the time you spend outside maintaining and cleaning your outdoor patio dining furniture by selecting sets that are easy to maintain. For example, metal furniture, such as aluminum outdoor dining furniture, requires minimal maintenance and care. Other easy to care for outdoor furniture include those made from teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker. 
  3. Storable. Depending on the space, outdoor dining furniture that is easily storable can help clear the patio for heavy winds. Additionally, folding dining chairs allow extra chairs to be stored in a garage or shed and quickly pulled out when needing additional seating.
  4. Storage. Some outdoor dining furniture pieces have storage options, offering room to store cushions and other outdoor items. 
  5. Weather Proof. Outdoor furniture needs to be weatherproof or weather-resistant, which helps ensure the furniture lasts a long time, even when exposed to bad weather conditions. 

Types of Outdoor Dining Furniture Materials

Many types of materials are used to make outdoor furniture. The kind of material you choose depends greatly upon your design choice and the benefits of outdoor furniture.


Aluminum dining sets are the most popular options because they are lightweight and durable. Outdoor patio dining furniture made from aluminum is very resilient and requires little maintenance. 


Hardwoods provide for a well-crafted and long-lasting outdoor dining set. This type of wood is durable and resilient but needs to be appropriately maintained and restained or revarnished regularly to look new. Hardwood is heavy, providing stability when it is windy. Patio dining furniture made from hardwood is moderately expensive. 

High-Density Polyethylene

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a synthetic resin commonly used to create high-quality, durable outdoor dining furniture. This type of outdoor furniture is more expensive, but nothing compares to the comfort and resilience furniture made from HDPE offers. 


Softwood outdoor dining furniture is not the most resilient or durable. This type of wood can easily be dented or scratched. A softwood outdoor dining set will need to be re-stained or revarnished regularly to keep its look. Softwood furniture is the least expensive option when shopping for outdoor dining furniture. 


Outdoor wicker dining furniture is not very resilient for outdoor use and can quickly get damaged. Wicker provides a nice look on a patio but does need a lot of care and maintenance to keep it looking fresh and new. 

How to Choose Outdoor Dining Furniture

When choosing the best outdoor dining furniture for your space, you have many things to consider. However, ultimately, you want a durable and comfortable outdoor dining set for you to gather around with friends and family. 

  • Accessories. The types of accessories available for your outdoor dining furniture help enhance your space. Some accessories to order with your outdoor furniture purchase include umbrellas, seat cushions, and additional chairs. 
  • Appearance. Check to see the durability of the materials used to make the outdoor dining set to know how long your set will look good. 
  • Comfort. Comfort is the ultimate thing to consider when buying outdoor furniture. First, of course, you want your outdoor dining set to be comfortable and functional. Then, if needed, add some outdoor chair cushions for extra comfort. 
  • Durability. Outdoor furniture needs to be durable and withstand all the weather conditions for your area. Check to see how well the materials used to make your outdoor dining set stand up to being outside for long periods. 
  • Maintenance. Select outdoor patio furniture that is easy to maintain and keeps looking good. Some outdoor dining tables require re-staining or revarnishing, while others need quick washing with gentle soap and water. 
  • Price.Compare the price to the value you receive from your outdoor dining set. Also, set a budget and look for outdoor furniture that fits within the budget. Don’t forget to include costs for some accessories and additional furniture items. 
  • Surfaces. An outdoor dining table needs to be resistant to food and drink spills. Select one that is durable and stain-resistant. 
  • Weight. An outdoor dining table needs to be light enough to move around your patio quickly; however, it also needs to be heavy enough to withstand wind. 

Purchasing outdoor dining furniture provides additional seating and is a very functional piece of outdoor furniture. Check out our catalog to see all the different outdoor dining furniture available, and then select the ideal patio furniture for your specific needs. 

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