Outdoor Heaters

Introduction to Patio Heaters

Winter weather shouldn’t be the main reason stopping you from enjoying a night under the stars. Outdoor heaters bring comfort to your space, allowing you to entertain year-round. Patio heaters let you hold a party or host a get-together for your friends and family even when it’s not sunny and warm outside. Heaters come in handy especially in colder areas where there are only a few precious months of summer. Browse through LuxeDecor’s wide selection of patio heaters and start enjoying your outdoor space year-round regardless of the weather.

Different Styles of Patio Heaters

There are many different styles and types of patio heaters available at LuxeDecor including patio propane heaters, natural gas heaters, ceiling heaters, post heaters, portable heaters, stainless steel heaters, and commercial heaters. LuxeDecor allows you to customize your fuel with the option of propane or natural gas heaters. Ceiling heaters are another great option that don’t take up any precious floor space, and are great for spaces with limited square footage. Post heaters need to be professionally installed, while portable heaters are great for on-the-go heating and can be moved from space to space. Stainless steel heaters are sleek and durable, and commercial styles heaters are ideal for business and companies. Commercial heaters can allow you to enjoy your meal outdoors at a restaurant, or lounge on a hotel rooftop in the dead of winter.

The Benefits of Patio Heaters

There are so many benefits to incorporating a patio heater into your space. Patio heaters make guests feel comfortable and allow you to entertain outdoors year round. Patio heaters are more practical and less messy than campfires, but still exude a charming ambiance. Patio heaters allow you to heat commercial spaces, attracting visitors to your business’ rooftops and balconies year-round. Whatever style of patio heater you are looking for, you are sure to find the perfect one at LuxeDecor.

For more information about outdoor heaters, read LuxeDecor's Patio Heaters Buying Guide to learn more about the different types of heat, styles, sizes, and features that are available.

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