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Introduction to Commercial Patio Heaters
There’s nothing more enjoyable than enjoying a cocktail or dining al fresco. For most businesses with an outdoor space, summer is the most lucrative season. However, with the addition of a commercial patio heater, you can let your guests enjoy your outdoor areas year-round. Commercial heaters bring a soothing ambiance to any space, and radiate heat keeping your guests and customers comfortable and relaxed. No matter what style of commercial patio heater you are looking for, you can find the ideal one for your space at LuxeDecor.

Different Types of Commercial Patio Heaters
There are many different styles and designs of commercial heaters at LuxeDecor. Choose from infrared, propane, electric, natural gas heaters to customize your heater. Each style of heaters has its own benefits and perks; infrared heaters give off an even natural warmth while natrual gas heaters are economical. You can also choose the style of your heater from the size to the design. Ceiling, post, and portable commercial heater styles are all available. Ceiling heaters are easily hidden and don’t take up valuable floor space, while portable heaters are convenient and can be easily moved from space to space or indoors during harsh weather conditions. To customize the look of your heater to match the aesthetic of your space, there are many different finish options available at LuxeDecor including black, stainless steel, hammered gold, and antique bronze.

Benefits of Commercial Patio Heaters
There are many benefits to incorporating commercial style outdoor heaters into your place of business. If you can provide guests with a heated outdoor space during the chillier months, you can attract more guests and deter them from the competition. Outdoor heaters give you a leg up on your competition and will keep your guests visiting year-round. Even if you don’t want to open your outdoor spaces during the winter, outdoor commercial style heaters can be a polite addition to outdoor smoker areas and near the valet stand.