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Introduction to Outdoor Propane Heaters
Propane gas heaters help you enjoy your outdoor living and entertaining spaces even on cooler nights or long after the patio season has ended. Propane gas heaters produce radiant heat which warms a space naturally and evenly. Propane gas heaters are freestanding and can be positioned on any outdoor space from a patio or deck to a terrace or rooftop. LuxeDecor carries only the top names in outdoor heating solutions, guaranteeing you can find the perfect patio propane heaters for all your outdoor spaces.

Different Types of Outdoor Propane Heaters
When it comes to propane style heaters, there are many different styles and types available. LuxeDecor offers freestanding and tabletop heater models to better suit your needs. Tabletop propane models are designed to be used where floor space is at a premium. These propane heaters are portable and easily moved around your space and the tank is typically concealed in a decorative space at the base of the unit. Freestanding heaters typically weigh more than tabletop heaters, averaging around 60 pounds. These styles are extremely durable and can withstand heavy winds and nature’s wrath. LuxeDecor carries propane heaters in a few different colors to ensure you can find the exact style you are looking for. Color options include sleek stainless steel, warm bronze or copper, and stunning black.

Benefits of Outdoor Propane Heaters
There are many benefits to owning an outdoor propane style heater. These heaters allow you to entertain outdoors year-round even when temperature drops. Heaters still provide you with the ambiance of an outdoor fire pit but with the ease of convenience and without the mess. Most options on LuxeDecor offer added wheels for easy mobility and portability, making it a breeze to move the location of your propane heater. Most styles also come with anti-tilt devices and burner covers installed for added safety. Most of the propane tanks on the heaters available at LuseDecor last around eight to ten hours on the highest setting, making them the perfect addition to any outdoor soiree. Party long into the night and your heater will keep going right along with you!