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Introduction to Outdoor Ceiling Heaters
Eating, drinking, and relaxing with friends is even more enjoyable done outdoors. Since the invention of ceiling heaters, we no longer have to wait for warm summer months to enjoy entertaining al fresco. Heaters allow us to stay comfortable and toasty even when the temperature outside is chilly and unbearable. Browse LuxeDecor’s selection of heaters for your ceiling today to find the perfect style for your home, and start hosting parties year-round.

Different Styles of Outdoor Ceiling Heaters
Heaters for the ceiling are produced in different styles and types. LuxeDecor offers heaters exclusively in stainless steel because of the material’s durability. Stainless steel heaters are resistant to the elements and will remain as beautiful as the day you bought it for years to come. LuxeDecor offers styles with either black or white exteriors and offers trim options to customize your purchase. Choose from trim options including antique bronze, high gloss black, and classic stainless steel. LuxeDecor’s heaters also come with customizable fuel and heating options allowing you to choose between propane and natural gas, and your BTU levels.

The Benefits of Outdoor Ceiling Heaters
The outdoor ceiling heaters available at LuxeDecor offer many different customization options, and also added functionalities to improve your user experience. These heaters utilize a fully automatic control system and have timer functionalities to automatically switch on and off when you want them to. This functionality is great to save you energy and money, having your heater shut off when it is not in use. LuxeDecor’s heaters are also equipped with spark ignition and 100% shutoff for safety and convenience. Non-intrusive with a no-fuss design, these heaters are so minimal that you’ll forget they are even on your ceiling until you feel their warm steady flow of air.

For more information about outdoor heaters, including ceiling heaters, read LuxeDecor's Patio Heaters Buying Guide to learn more about the different types of heat, styles, sizes, and features that are available.