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Introduction to Living Room Furniture Home

The kind of furniture that goes into your living room depicts the type of person you are. The living room is the room of life, hence the name, and can easily show off or represent how you like to relax and how inviting you can be to others. Luxury living room furniture is a vital part of your indoor space and can create the home you’re most comfortable in. The furniture should be comfortable and classy; however, it should be something you want and something you look forward coming home to. Most prefer vibrant welcoming colors, while others aim for a minimal design in dim consistent hues. This space is usually the most popular room other than the kitchen, constantly filled with guests and friends when the occasion arises. Buying furniture for your living room can be as easy as relaxing on the couch after a long day. Some people will strive for a theme, going along the lines of "as open as an ocean." Sand colored, lightweight, soft colors, plant themselves onto the furniture and décor. Every piece has been picked along the way knowing it will match all the other pieces, bringing the room together. Some people enjoy simplicity, while In most homes and areas of life, the perfect theme to strive for is comfort.

Living room furniture is one of the things that makes a house a home. There’s a reason it’s also called the family room. It’s where the whole family gathers to spend time together. And if you have guests, that’s likely the main room they’ll see as well.

So to make it homey, it needs to be comforting, it needs to be welcoming, create warmth, and it needs to reflect who you are as a person. Here’s what you should know if you have trouble finding the best living room and modern family room furniture for your needs.

Before You Buy

There are a number of factors that can influence your choice of living room furniture, and a number of practical things to consider. Here are a few important things to look at before buying:

  1. First and most important is your budget. Living room furniture sets are a significant investment. Before making your purchase, it’s important to know what you can afford. If you’re on a tight budget, looking at high-end, luxury furniture might be a fun distraction, but it won’t help you make an actual decision.Look at exactly how much you can afford to spend, total, on your complete living room set. Then think about the individual furniture pieces you want, and start pricing them. This should give you a better idea of what you’re looking for.
  2. Next, take a look at the size of your living room. How much space do you have, and how much space will your furniture take up? Do you have room for both a full-sized sofa and a loveseat? What kind of chairs do you want, and how big should they be? Buying too many pieces can make the room look busy and crowded. On the other hand, in a larger room, not having enough living room furniture can make your living space look sparse and empty. When furnishing your living room, start with the larger pieces: couches, armchairs, shelving, etc. Once those are in place, you can see how much room you have left, and fill it in with lamps, end tables, and other smaller items.
  3. Finally, it’s important to consider the color and style of your living room furniture: how different pieces look alongside one another, and how the room as a whole meshes with the rest of your home’s décor.Some color palettes can be complementary. For instance, if you have a black leather living room set, a few pieces of white living room furniture might look good with it. If you were to add wooden living r oom furniture into the mix, however, it would likely clash with the overall look of your living space.

Style is important as well. There exist many styles of furniture for the living room space, and you can create your own. If you have an ornate, traditional, rustic-looking wooden coffee table, it might look great on its own, but probably won’t go well alongside a modern, minimalist style sofa. Decide on the feel you want your décor to have before buying family room furniture and look for pieces that fit with that aesthetic.

Features to Consider

In addition to style and décor, it’s also important to consider functionality. What do you want your living room furniture to be able to do?

For instance, you can put a regular, cozy living room sofa in one spot, and two or three people can sit on it. However, if you search for sectional sofas and buy one for extra seating, it becomes much more versatile. The different sections can be arranged in different formations, depending on what you’re doing in the living room. If the whole family is watching TV, you can place all the sections in a row, facing the set, so everyone has a good view. However, if you have guests over for coffee, the sections can be arranged in a circle, so everyone can see and interact with one another.

Likewise your coffee table can be used to place your remote control and maybe a few books and magazines. But if you get a coffee table with drawers or a cabinet beneath it, suddenly you have extra storage space that you can use to put things like board games when you’re not using them.

There are certain features to look for in armchairs as well. Some may come with footrests, while others recline. Some may also come with a pocket on the side, or even compartments within the armrests, to store things like the remote control, or the book you’re currently reading.

Types of Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture is one of the most flexible and diverse kinds of home decor. That means you have almost limitless options for style, theme, design, and color to choose from. We specialize in luxury living room furniture that you’ll love in your home. Choose from our wide range of categories including, luxury living room furniture setssectional sofasreclinersloveseatscoffee tablesconsole tablestheatre seatingend tablesbars and bar stoolsentertainment centersaccent piecesmedia cabinets, and much more.

There are a variety of different types of furniture for different décors. For instance, coastal living room furniture is identifiable by bright, light colors such as blues and greens that are meant to give off vibes of being at the beach. Materials tend to have a natural look and are often woven, to make the room feel almost like it’s outdoors.

  • By contrast, contemporary living room furniture is much cleaner and sleeker. Neutral colors are offset by bright patterns and colorful artwork. The furniture itself is notable for its simplicity and understatement, but also generally includes a few bold flairs of color and style.
  • The cottage style has a warmer, more rustic feel, with furniture that may feel like it’s from a few decades or even a century ago: finishes deliberately made to look weathered and worn, and woven, natural fiber materials, to make you feel like you’ve been transported to a cozy, country cottage.
  • Industrial goes the other direction. It uses darker, more pronounced colors to give your space a more urban appearance. Leather living room furniture is often used in the industrial décor, along with glass and metal.

These are just a few of the types of furniture you can use to decorate your living room. Do some research to see which aesthetic best suits your tastes.

Because living room decor is so diverse, it is wise to find a theme or solid color and remain true to it; this way, your furniture will share a particular aesthetic. Modern living room furniture typically consists of visually and physically appealing metal products, extremely durable high quality finishes, and refined textures. Living room table sets, one of the most popular categories, make it easy to shop by theme. Take a look at the Universal Furniture set from the brand’s Maxwell collection. Exceptional features like 100% Belgian linen, hand applied back, trim, and arms, and premium down-blended cushions create a luxurious compilation of comfort and style for the most elegant look yet. Create yours with multiple customization options offered from select brands, and live beautifully.

How to Choose Living Room Furniture

Choosing a Sofa

First, consider what you’ll need it for. Do you have a big family? Consider a sectional sofa, with room for everyone. Do you want a place to sit and watch TV with your partner? Consider a loveseat that lets you get close.

Next, look at your lifestyle. If you have pets, or small children, you might want something stain-resistant and easy to clean. If you like napping in front of the television, you’ll want something soft and squishy that you can stretch out on, with a soft upholstery that won’t be too scratchy on your skin.

Finally, think about where you’re going to put it. Will it go against the back wall? One of the side walls? In the middle of the room? The sofa’s position in your home plays an important role in how it should look, as well as the size of sofa you need.

Choosing a Coffee Table

Look at the height. Your coffee table should be approximately the same height as your sofa cushions. Too high or too low, and it becomes awkward to reach for.

Length is a factor as well. The coffee table should be about 2/3 the length of your sofa. If it’s too long, it will be hard to maneuver around when you get up from the sofa.

Choosing Chairs

You should generally have seating for at least four to five people in your living room. The sofa seats two or three, so adding a stylish recliner and an accent chair or two accent chairs to that should work. However, it also depends on how big your family is, and how much you like to entertain. Make sure everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit.

Whatever your needs are, both decorative and functional, we have living room furniture that can help you meet them. Check out our catalogue to see all that we have to offer, and let us help you turn your house into a home. Contact us if you need inspiration or any assistance, or simply to learn more!

Benefits of Living Room Furniture

Luxury living room furniture can be your gateway to creativity, beauty, and most importantly, comfort. With a vast inventory of living room decor options suited to everyone’s liking, you will have the perfect materials and items necessary to create your own personal, ideal space. Get playful with signature collections from esteemed designers and vamp up your space with accessories and essentials like lamps, vases, wall art, pillows & throws, and other ideas to create a welcoming setting. You want your modern living room to represent your passions and interests; choose a luxury living room furniture theme that will speak for itself when you are not around to elaborate. This way, you are 100% sure that you will feel enthusiastic and satisfied every time you step into your newly styled living room. Whatever pieces you need, you’ll find them all for your home exclusively at LuxeDecor.

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