Top 7 Ways to Update Your Home with Luxury Furniture

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Whether you feel your entire house needs a makeover or you just want to alter one space, LuxeDecor can help you figure out the best ways to update your home. From subtle, budget-friendly changes to bigger and more dramatic evolutions, we can help you decide what exactly you want to redesign — and the best way to do it!

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1. Add a Statement Piece

You may not always be able to spend what you want on revamping your home, so start with smaller additions that have a big effect. Adding a single statement piece that speaks to the core of a room is the perfect place to start when exploring ways to update your home. Identify one or two essential items in each space and splurge just on those. In your kitchen, it may be a ceiling mount that holds bronze and cast iron pans, while in your living room it could be a unique coffee table or sofa.

Specialty colors and distinct designs are the best way to decide if the furniture or accessory you’re looking at truly has the “wow”-factor you want. While neutral hues are the perfect backdrop for luxury furniture, when it comes to your statement piece, you want a pop of color or a really unusual structure. Just remember, don’t put form over function or you’ll end up with a gorgeous sofa no one can sit on!


2. Change Out Your Pillows




Exchanging one small accessory for something completely new is one of the easiest ways to update your home. Pillows are some of the simplest accessories to swap out and they can be replaced in almost every single room. From your bedroom to your living room, check out the newest trends in throw pillows and choose the perfect fit for the space!

If you absolutely love your pillows and refuse to change them out, take a look at some of your other accessories including:

Even wine racks, trash bins, and umbrella stands can be exchanged for something more contemporary or luxurious. Consider the colors, textures, materials, and sizes of everything you buy to ensure it doesn’t completely overpower the existing décor.

When you’re thinking about wall art and picture frames as ways to update your home, this is a place where DIY can add that special touch that makes your house feel like a home. Blend luxurious and homey with beautifully framed family photos or works of art you made yourself.


3. Hang a Mirror



A perfect way to update your home and create space in a smaller house is with mirrors. A large mirror in the living room or dining room will reflect the space and make these rooms feel like they’ve doubled in size. You don’t always have to hang a mirror either! Full-length standing mirrors, floor mirrors, and vanity mirrors are all exquisite options that add a feeling of opulence to any room. Ensure your mirrors have a luxe feel when you choose embellished frames and molding, bronze overlays, folding mirrors, or novel shapes.

The frame of your mirror is especially important when considering ways to update your home, as there are so many options out there you might get distracted from what actually looks good in a particular room. When in doubt, a deep wood hue — like cherry wood or mahogany — really evokes a sumptuous feel. While wood works really well in most spaces, if you have a more modern style home with lots of chrome and white, explore colored metallic frame options instead — many of which offer progressive takes on antique palatial designs.


4. Grow a Little Green




Plants and flowers are a fun way to update your home without resorting to buying another piece of furniture. Not only do deep green tones add to the elegance of any room, but you also have yet another opportunity to explore accessories that can raise the bar of your home décor. Even better, with fresh cut flowers, you can change the colors, size, and shape of your decorative plants any time!

Whether you choose fresh cut flowers every week or you want to tend to a number of ferns and succulents, their containers are an important choice! Vases are our recommendation for any cut flowers, but your more permanent residents will need pots or urns to properly contain the dirt and water they require to survive. As your plants grow and thrive, moving them to new, larger containers offer a natural evolution that changes the way a particular room looks. Here are some top ideas of which plants to grow in each room:

  • Kitchen: Herbs and spices for cooking
  • Bedroom: Lavender, gardenia, or jasmine for soothing scents
  • Living Room: Peace lily, aloe vera, or devil’s tongue for air purification
  • Bathroom: Ferns will benefit most from the high humidity and low light in this space
  • Dining Room: Bamboo or succulents to create perfectly sized centerpieces


5. Exchange Your Lighting Features




When a home is first built, the contractor in charge will generally choose basic lighting fixtures to offset the cost and manage your budget. While you may have been happy with these fixtures when you first moved in, now is the perfect time to reevaluate them as a way to update your home. At LuxeDecor, we carry everything from chandeliers and pendant lighting to flush mountings and spot lighting. Each room in your home requires a different style of lighting to enhance its look and feel.

The Foyer

The entrance of your home is the first impression guests get when they visit. This is the ideal place to hang your most impressive piece. Here, you want to go big — as big as you can fit. Choose something that’s the perfect size for space and make sure it’s somewhat of a preview to the style and design of your home décor.

The Living Room

In this space, you want to focus on uniqueness. It’s not always about size or bling here. Bring unusual shapes into this room that serve as the heart of the space. Search for a real conversation starter that still meshes well with the other décor.

The Bathroom

Most people don’t consider their bathroom when they think about ways to update their home, but it’s actually a great place to start! Most bathrooms end up boring and drab because they’re the room you’re spending the least amount of time in. Enhancing this space is easy with some sparkle and tasteful lighting bling. Vanity fixtures at eye-level that are damp-rated for safety are the ultimate choice.


6. Indulge in Dark Hues



Usually, when you’re exploring ways to update your home, you’re thinking about furniture and accessories. Since most homes have neutral, light color paints and wallpapers, the contrast of dark woods and fabrics is ideal. Darker colors also add a feeling of seriousness, elegance, and finesse to everything from furniture and rugs to dresses and cars.

Warm browns, navy, burgundy, and forest greens allow you to play with several different colors without clashing. Most of your décor should be in these dark hues, but some statement pieces and wall art offer you a place to experiment with pastels and brighter gem tones.

There are a few places where the use of dark colors should be minimized. Many times, small rooms in dusky tones make space feel even smaller. Counterbalance the use of deep hues with light colored curtains and wall art.


7. Get Rid of Something that Doesn’t Spark Joy



As Marie Kondo says, “Does this spark joy?” If it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be in your home. Sometimes, the best ways to update your home involve cleaning it out. Spring cleaning allows you to re-examine all the pieces you currently own and ask yourself if they still speak to your heart. Some pieces you will immediately recognize as clutter while others will take weeks of agonizing before you decide to let go.

Cleaning out unnecessary items also gives you a clearer perspective on what new décor pieces you actually need to complete the feeling of space. In some cases, simply removing outdated or nonessential objects gives the room a whole new aura and you won’t need to add anything at all!


Decorating with LuxeDecor



Hopefully, this list brought you closer to reorganizing your house and finding new ways to update your home. If you need any advice or assistance with interior or exterior decorating, reach out to our team for more information about our products.

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