Living Room Design Trends for New Homeowners

When you have a brand new living room, you conjure up visions of making it your own. Take those ideas and incorporate living room design trends within your budget, and you will have a contemporary living room that fits that vision.

Living Room Design Trends for New Homeowners

Let your inspiration run wild with living room design trends for your new home.

The top living room design trends this year that will serve as timeless décor are trends that will keep you comfortable in one of the rooms you use the most. After all, this is where you will be living. These are the most common current trends:

  • Textured details – pillows you can touch and be happy
  • Comfort – overstuffed anything
  • Multi-purpose furniture – it's an office, it's a TV room, it's a playroom
  • Natural materials – wood, rattan, wicker

Textured Details

Textured details in your living room are details that jump out at you. That feathered pillow or ruffled skirt is back in.

Place these details against solid colors or backdrops, and you will have a living room with character. You can have your sleek minimalist look with a few textured details too.

Comfortable Furniture

A key living room design trend of days of yore is harder lines on furniture. That isn't the case anymore. People don't want to give up that leather couch because the uncomfortable one is prettier.

Get the overstuffed sofa. Get furniture that you will be comfortable in.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

The remote work force is alive and thriving, and professionals are bringing their work home from offices more and more. It's being scattered all over your living room.

Bring in furniture that can hide it, store it, or put it away for you so that you can live and work in this room.

Living rooms are often used as playrooms as well. Buy furniture that serves a number of purposes so that you can use the furniture for all of your living needs.

Natural Elements

Natural elements in your living room include things that are living or once were. Plants in your living room will always be a living room design trend that bring life to your space.

Arranging furniture with natural elements will always do the same thing. Use furniture with rattan, wicker, and wood to bring nature to your space. It adds a warmth that you will love.

Create Your Living Room

When you are a new homeowner, you want every room to feel perfect, and speak to who you are. You can bring in these very simple living room design trends as a new homeowner and feel the flow of fresh starts immediately.