Home Design Trends for Empty Nesters

The children have moved out, and now you face an empty nest. Facing that reality can be challenging, but we're here to help.

This article and the following tips and advice will show you how to redesign your home to make it more personal, comfortable, and welcoming.

Time for the mother of all spring cleans!

It's best to get rid of the stuff the children leave when you regain the house. While sentimental items are undoubtedly essential, offloading toys, clothes, and old furniture can feel like you're letting in fresh air.

If you are not a conscientious hoarder, chuck out old stuff cheerfully, but be careful not to throw away anything valuable.

Consider a new home redesign when…

  • You are ready to mentally 'let go' and make use of the space once used by the children.
  • You are ready to change the home decor that you have cherished for several years.
  • For whatever reason, a redesign is inevitable.
  • You are thinking of selling the house.

No matter the reason, you can–and should–have a lot of fun redesigning your home.

Try different colors, textures, and patterns

You can do a lot with splashes of color, beautiful patterns and dreamy textures. When redesigning your home, try trendy geometries, bold florals, or rustic elements like different woods and stones instead of sticking to neutral colors. Incorporate design elements like these in each room to add visual and tactile appeal, making your home attractive and intimate.

Next, remember that you can use the drapes, curtains, or blinds you choose for more than one purpose. For example, you can protect your furnishings, carpets and artwork from direct sunlight while using these window coverings to showcase your personality and display a bit of whimsy.

Each design element, varied by color or thickness, can make an enormous difference to the look and feel of your home. For example, reflective blinds can illuminate otherwise dark spaces. Classic heavy drapes absorb heat and trap dust. Therefore, you can use heavy drapes to help reduce your energy bills and keep the house less dusty. Customize drapery to give your home an air of luxury, elegance, and harmony.

Switch up the furnishings

Now that the children have flown the coop, guess what - it's time for the elegant and mature furniture that might suffer the attentions of boisterous and careless teenagers.

Look for high-quality pieces made from solid materials. It is important to ensure that new furniture is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, and durable. Always ensure any furniture you buy will fit into its intended place.

Don't let it be depressing or discouraging preparing for your coming empty nest, but treat the opportunity as a challenge and adventure. To help you, LuxeDecor has absolutely everything you could possibly need to help you decorate your home with joy after the departure of your youngest.