4 Ways To Work The Faux Fur Trend

Impossibly soft and utterly luxurious: We're wild about the faux fur trend that's perfect for warming up your home with comfy character.

With humdrum winter days in full force, we're craving ways to bring warmth and coziness to our interiors that makes staying at home feel like a chic retreat. Impossibly soft and luxurious, faux fur and sheepskin accents are just the touch to wait out winter’s chill. Whether by way of seating, rugs, or accessories, faux fur is an interior design favorite that brings a grown-up sense of sexiness and character to a home. Its organic texture feels sophisticated and unconventional, making for the perfect accent that transitions even past the winter season. If you're looking for ways to bring in a furry textile, here's four ways to work the faux fur trend into your own home.


   Start With A Stool


Rather than adding pops of color to a room, opt for bold pops of texture to add a fresh element into a space. An upholstered stool in the faux fur textile feels decidedly fresh, not to mention ultra comfy, when paired with existing decor. In the form of an all-purpose stool, it's the perfect accent that not only adds richness with its plush texture, it’s a furniture chameleon that blends into any location. Place it tableside in your home office as an extra surface for storage or seating; or pair two at the foot of your bed for a charming alternative to a bedside ottoman. Faux fur is a surprisingly versatile accent that complements any stylefrom earthy and clean-lined, to whimsical and colorful.




 Bring It To The Dining Room


The dining room is a spot in your home that can often read cold, frequently lacking softness by way of textiles or upholstered elements. As the go-to social spot for friends and family to gather, your dining room is the perfect place to add warmth and personality. Adding a sheepskin will instantly transform your dining room into an inviting entertaining space that encourages folks to linger. Drape it along seating (on a bench, or on backs of dining chairs) to add more comfort while seated. The rich texture brings in warmth and a timeless aesthetic that doesn’t feel overpowering. It’s especially stunning when paired with wood dining furniture.


Lay Down A Rug

Adding a sheepskin rug to your floors is an easy way to incorporate the faux fur trend in your home. A shaggy fur rug creates an extra cozy atmosphere that offers plenty of soft underfoot comfort and fresh texture to a space. As a foundational element, a rug sets the mood for your furniture and decor. A shag rug will add instant personality to your floors with its fun texture, and effortlessly achieves a high-spirited aesthetic outside more typical elements such as color and pattern. Try it underneath an upholstered armchair to fashion a cozy reading nook. It’s an easy way to dress up lackluster spaces like corners and awkward-shaped rooms.

  Go Dark


A saturated, dark palette turns faux fur into an alluring, chic accent that stands out from the typical creamy hues of sheepskin and white fur. Moody onyx tones and smoky greys bring exceptional depth to spaces, adding just the right amount of distinguished character. The darkened palette gives more richness to the lush texture, and adds distinctive polish to furnishings. We suggest pairing it with monochrome furniture (grey-on-gray or black-on-black) to lend an urbane air to a room that feels totally pulled together.




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(Photo Credits: OneKingsLane, Lonny Magazine, SFGirlByBay, Rumi Neely, Then Let It Be | Article by Christine Villanueva)