Dazzling Dining Room Decor Looks

This new year, show a little love to your dining space. Refresh your dining room with four distinct looks where dazzling style is always on the menu.


Whether you're an entertaining wiz and reserve your dining space for special occasions, or enjoy the routine of everyday meals, the dining room is simply more than a place to dine. With friends and family gathered 'round, the dining room has become the unabashed social heart of the home. What better way to welcome the new year than showing some love to your dining space with a little style refresh? From luxe seating upgrades to statement-making accessories, elevate your dining room with these four distinct looks where dazzling style is always on the menu.

Glitzy Femme

The Look: The idea of creating a feminine dining space that packs plenty of glitz comes down to reinterpreting a girly aesthetic. Instead of typical touches of rosy pink, opt for whimsical shades of pastel in mint, powder blue, or butter yellow. These unexpected pops of color will soften the overall ambiance of your dining room, and exude a feminine flair that isn’t overdone. Finish the aesthetic with luxe touches that include soft textiles and upholstery, along with gilded accessories that amp up the glam.    

What To Steal: Expect a season’s worth of compliments by upgrading your dining accessories. While adding an accent bench is a creative way in freshening up the standard dining chair and dining table layout, upgrading with a petite upholstered loveseat ensures an ultra comfy place to enjoy all your meals. Complement the stylish look by incorporating a gold mirror which also works to brighten your dining space.




Organic Industrialist

The Look: Creating an impressive hub for entertaining doesn’t always require extravagance. Industrial style will charm those who celebrate a sleek aesthetic with a bit of grit thrown in with salvaged, raw materials. Our take on industrial style is filled with utilitarian-inspired furnishings, such as metal chairs and wood tables, paired with organic elements which considerably softens up the minimalist aesthetic. 

What To Steal: The understated cool of a softened industrial aesthetic depends on its contrast in natural materials. Stick to furniture with simple silhouettes and functional design. Throwing in a soft shag rug underfoot not only plays up the range in soft and hard textures (which brings in newfound depth to your dining space), the organic detail adds a warm touch that invites guests to linger. Adding in plants to your home will also do wonders to breathe new life into your dining room aesthetic, while a neutral palette unifies the space.



Eclectic Collector

The Look: Part of the irresistible charm of the “eclectic collector” look is its well-chosen mix of accessories and furniture. Casual, yet trendy, quirky furnishings mingle with an array of curated styles that span different time periods. What makes this look particularly special is its one-of-a-kind aesthetic that defies category. Layering different inspirations, from glam, contemporary, to rustic styles, will help one style from standing out, bringing an unexpected, yet refreshing edge to your dining room.

What To Steal: To avoid your dining room looking like it came straight from the flea market, freshen up vintage vibes with a contemporary edge. Stick with Mid-Century Modern furniture for a safe entry point in grounding your eclectic look. The Mid-Century Modern style channels vintage vibes, while pairing effortlessly with anything, from a Western-style cowhide rug, to contemporary gilded chandeliers.




New Traditionalist

The Look: While classic style is always timeless, it doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from a little refresh. The idea of modernizing a traditional dining space means updating familiar furniture pieces in luxe finishes and fabrications. The stately aesthetic is all about mixing heirloom pieces with fresh accents for an invigorating mix that still pays tribute to the past.

What To Steal: Staple furnishings, like sideboards and dining arm chairs, are well-chosen places to focus on when updating a traditional dining look. These keystone items stand out as accent pieces among your usual dining layout. Choose a sideboard in an exotic finish that plays up the color palette of your dining room. To finish the look, heighten the drama with upholstered accent chairs at either end of your dining table to add unexpected modern appeal.



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(Photo Credits: Becki Owens, New Darlings, Living by CKK | Article by Christine Villanueva)