The Kind Of Lighting For A Living Room To Make It Look Better

Decorating your home and sprucing up its interior design can be as exciting as it is overwhelming.

Decorating your home and sprucing up its interior design can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. There are a few things more enjoyable than going to Ikea or any other furniture store and picking out the pieces that you have long wanted for your living space.

However, there are a lot of factors that come with redecorating. For one, having to tackle all rooms at the same time can get expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, there are several elements that need to work together in order to create the aesthetic that you want. Just because you want your walls to be neon pink doesn’t mean that you can pick ‘ol furniture to go with it.

The best way to tackle a home redesign is to do it room-by-room and element-by-element. So why not start with your living room’s lighting features?

More often than not, people fail to take into account lighting when it comes to decor and design. However, a room’s light source plays an important role in the overall vibe of a space. Moreover, lighting can play a role in your mental and emotional health.

Did you know that the amount of light an area gets can affect your mood? When a room is dim and dingy, you are less likely to use it because the ambiance is simply off. Lighting also plays a role in a person’s productivity. Areas that are light and bright encourage people to do more. The wrong lighting fixture can also wreak havoc on your household’s utility budget.

Factors in Choosing Your Living Room’s Lighting

Factors in Choosing Your Living Room’s Lighting

Not everyone has a knack for selecting the right light fixtures for a home’s living room. For some, design and decor doesn’t come naturally. If you are one of the unfortunate few, you are finally in luck. Below are factors that you need to consider when choosing living room lighting:

Consider Natural Light

For most single-detached homes, the living room has the most windows in the whole of the property. Often situated on the ground floor, this room gets the most natural light. With that said, too many lighting fixtures in an area that already gets a lot of natural light can be as annoying and as uncomfortable as a dim, dingy.

Before installing industrial-grade lighting fixtures in your home, consider how much you really need it. While you still need a source of light at night, it might not be a necessity to get a whole lot. Nothing beats natural lighting. It is all about knowing how to work with it in order to highlight the beautiful parts of your home.

Rented or Owned?

A good lighting fixture can be expensive. This shouldn’t come as a surprise especially considering how they are as utilitarian as they are decorative. They serve a purpose while being beautiful - you do pay a price for that.

Before investing in a beautiful chandelier, consider your living situation. Do you own the home you are redecorating? Or are you renting an apartment? How long do you intend to stay in the rental that you are living in? These are a few smart questions that you have to ask yourself before dropping your hard-earned money on a beautiful lighting piece.

Chandeliers, lamps, and other lighting options aren’t the easiest things to move. They are fragile and would easily break especially if you are relocating to another state. If you do not intend to stay at an apartment for a long time, investing in an expensive lighting fixture might not be for you. On the flip side, if you own the house, go ham.

Energy Efficiency

Running a household can be difficult. Between delegating chores and making a monthly budget, there are a lot of things that need to be accomplished. It can get tiring and expensive. Naturally, it is only common sense that you try to save your hard-earned money in every way that you can.

For most households, 10% of the home budget goes to utilities. It is a considerable chunk that would benefit from energy-efficient lighting. Sure, you would need to spend money on lighting fixtures but checking their energy efficiency could save your household in the long run. These lights would eventually pay for themselves. Win-win!

Best Lighting Fixtures for your Living Room

Best Lighting Fixtures for your Living Room

With all the factors rightfully considered, it is time to buy that lighting fixture. Believe us, we are just as excited. If you are having a difficult time imagining the lighting you want for your living room, below are a few options that you should consider:

Yes, Buy that Chandelier

Yes, Buy that Chandelier

Big, shiny, crystal chandeliers are often associated with garish houses owned by the rich and famous. However, in 2020, you can buy whatever lighting fixture you want. If you own your home, or you intend to stay in your rental for years and years, there is no stopping you from decking your living room with a beautiful chandelier.

High ceilings are ideal if you want to decorate a space with a chandelier. However, you still can incorporate a stunning central lighting fixture, without having to sacrifice the balance of your living room. There are minimal chandelier pieces you can choose from. A mid-century modern minimalist piece can look good even if your ceiling are not 20 feet tall. It is all about finding the right chandelier for your living room!

Let them Swing: Pendant Lights

In the last few years, the industrial look is all the rage. As with interior design in 2020, don’t expect the fanfare over minimalism to cease. If you are looking to redecorate towards a more industrial design, you don’t have to invest in exposed concrete right away.

Start small and incorporate industrial pendant lights in your living room. Pendant lights can easily help you achieve the minimalist vibe that you want. While it might not make as much statement as a big chandelier, it is enough of a design piece to tie a room together. It doesn’t hurt that, depending on the style and brand you buy, it is cheaper than a crystal chandelier.

Dual Purpose: Ceiling Fan with a Built-in Light

The main purpose of your living room is to entertain and keep guests comfortable. It would be very difficult to invite guests if your living room doesn’t have the best airflow and circulation. You wouldn’t want them to be using a hand fan all night. Moreover, you don’t want them to dread the idea of hanging out at your home altogether.

Thankfully, you don’t need to make two purchases in order to brighten the area and get air flowing.

There are ceiling fans in the market that come with lighting. These ceiling fans are enough to circulate the air in your living room and make it bright and inviting for guests coming over especially in the evening time.

It is hitting two birds with the same stone!

Tight on Space: Wall Lights

Tight on Space: Wall Lights

For those who aren’t well-versed in interior design, working with a north-facing room can be difficult especially when it comes to lighting. The light coming from the outside can be very harsh. It takes warm and bright to a whole new uncomfortable level.

However, you don’t have to suffer through harsh lighting. Soft, warm wall lights around the edges of your living area can create a cozier and warmer ambiance. They are also a perfect fixture if you are tight on floor space. Because you are using vertical space, you can deck your living room with more decorative pieces.

At the end of the day, if there is anything that you should take away, it is that light is a very important aspect of interior design. It can affect the overall aesthetic of any given space. It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive art pieces or purchase the most comfortable sofa, the design of your living room would go to waste if no one can see your vision properly.

Light can affect your mood and productivity. It can be the reason why you’d finish before or after a deadline. It can also be a factor in how often your friends want to socialize in your home. Needless to say, buying the right lighting features is an investment that is worth making.

So if you are ready to spruce up your living room’s interior design with lighting pieces, the tips and tricks hopefully would make the decision easier. Good luck and we wish for you a bright idea!