Southwest Style: Tackle the Trend from the Wild, Wild West

Southwest-inspired interior design is taking over your Pinterest feed. Here are tips on how to put together the Southwest look to make your Pinterest board a reality.

From cactus plants and succulents to hanging fake antlers above the sofa, it’s no secret that Southwestern style is here to stay in 2018.

Just take a look at Pinterest.

A quick search reveals thousands upon thousands of Southwest-chic inspired interiors that have millennials practically drooling. But how do you transition this look from your Pinterest board to your living room?

We’ve got a few tips for achieving an Instagrammable Southwestern aesthetic with shine to rival even the Arizona sun.

Nature, Naturally

Photos: Instagram  | Design Mom | Awakening the Home

The Southwest vibe is all about bringing nature into the home, so your first step to achieving this desert look is to invest in a cactus (or two!). Indoor plants like cacti and succulents are extremely easy to take care of -- even for those of us who forget to water more than once a week. The greenery adds a gorgeous pop of the color to the space and brings a homey, outdoorsy feel to your decor. Pro tip: Go for fake plants like vines, ferns, and palm leaves to create an outdoor oasis in your living room, without the responsibility!

To bring a truly natural feel to your indoor space, you have to incorporate some fauna with your flora! Whether you’re hanging a (faux) skull, placing some framed animal prints on your gallery wall, or opting for a faux animal hide blanket on the couch, these elements can pull together the space and give you the Southwest feel you’re looking for.



Tribal Textiles

Photos: Stylecaster | Nest Together | Pinterest

Bold colors and patterns are the cornerstone of Southwest style, and mixing and matching is encouraged! A Southwest-patterned area rug with rich hues like burgundy and blue anchor your room and set the desert scene. Accent the rug with clashing throw pillows to create depth and texture in your space.

Again, Southwest style is grounded in nature, and when you’re thinking about the textiles in your room, you may want to opt for animal prints and faux animal hide textures to pull everything together. An accent chair upholstered with a faux animal hide, or a fuzzy blanket reminiscent of buffalo fur, is stylish and chic while maintaining the theme of the room. Pro tip: “Animal pattern” doesn’t mean zebra or cheetah -- those don’t match the Southwest theme! Think more rustic patterns like buffalo hide, or go with faux fur options in neutral colors like white or brown.

Finding Balance

Photos: Deny Designs  | Domino | Mango & Salt

The bold colors and patterns of the Southwest aesthetic need to be balanced out by some minimalist elements. Larger pieces of furniture like your sofa or coffee table look best adorned with natural woods and more muted colors to play well with patterned rugs and blankets.

With pops of color from rugs, blankets, plants, and accents, you won’t have to worry about bland white walls or unornamented pieces. Let all of the elements of the room work together to create a style that isn’t too busy but still eclectic and fun!