Sconce Lighting For Incredibly Stylish Interiors

Your home’s lighting is just as integral decorative aspect in your home as your furniture and overall property layout. It contributes to the aesthetic of your house.

Your home’s lighting is just as integral decorative aspect in your home as your furniture and overall property layout. It contributes to the aesthetic of your house. If you are trying to achieve a vibe, lighting should be considered in order to create a harmonious space.

Aside from decor and design, lighting can affect your overall wellness. According to research, people’s moods are known to be better when they are in a well-lighted room. Consequently, individuals tend to use dimly lit spaces more sparingly.

If you live on the East Coast, you probably know all about seasonal affective disorder or SADs - wherein you experience a form of depression from gloomy cold weather. If you think about it, lacking ample lighting in your home, the place you probably spend most of your time, can have the same effect as SADs.

Productivity can also be affected by your lighting options. It is easier and more enjoyable to accomplish a task if you can properly see what you are doing. You are most likely to be encouraged to work if your home office is bright and light.

Unfortunately, not all homes receive natural light. Likewise, most properties, especially in metropolitan areas, lack the space for most lighting fixtures. Thankfully, there is a solution to the space problem. Wall sconces are effective and arguably stylish additions to your home lighting needs. There is a sconce for every aesthetic, read on below to learn more about what would be a right fit for you.

What are Wall Sconces?

What are Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are lighting fixtures installed on a property’s wall. For the most part, these lighting options use the wall as their primary source of support with no base affixed on the ground. The lighting source is usually pointed upwards.

For apartments and homes with limited floor space, wall sconces are perfect lighting addition. Depending on the size and the wattage of the bulb, sconces can be as bright and illuminating as you want it to be. Likewise, there is a sconce for every budget. It can be used solely for utilitarian purposes as well as decorative.

What are the Different Types of Sconces?

There are various wall sconces that you can choose from. It is all a matter of considering your budget, the wall space you have, and the general aesthetic you are going for.

Half-Moon Sconces

For most people, half-moon sconces are top of mind when this decorative lighting element is mentioned. Truth be told, it is the most common form of the sconce. This type of lighting fixture is versatile. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This type of sconce might not be the best primary light source for any room. However, if you are looking for lighting accents to emphasize a wall detail, half-moon sconces might be the perfect option for you. They have the ability to wash a wall with light.


The most decorative of the bunch, wallchieres are types of sconces that serve more as decor than the primary source of lighting. Wallchieres are a hybrid between a wall fixture and a torchiere floor lamp.

Typically used indoors, you would know if a sconce is a wallchierie if it is widely decorated. Often, this type of lighting fixture comes in many shapes, sizes, and finishes. It is often used to illuminate large pieces of furniture or next to bathroom vanities to serve as beauty lighting.

If you are looking to elevate the look and feel of your home, wallchieres should be atop of your list of things to purchase. They are more decorative than they are utilitarian so keep that in mind.

Lantern Sconce

Lantern Sconce

Want to create a traditional, outdoorsy feel to your home? Lantern sconces might be the best sconces for you. Made to emulate a vintage lamp, lantern sconces are more commonly used outdoors because they exude more light. They are perfect for lighting entryways and doors.

Lantern sconces come in different finishes. However, if you are looking to install your sconce outdoors, you should consider sturdier materials like metal.

Candle Sconce

As the name suggests, a candle sconce is as vintage as vintage would come. Arguably, this type of sconce is the oldest form in the list - dating back centuries, probably since the development of the candle.

Nowadays, you have the choice to use a real candle or a bulb that is shaped like one. One of the biggest drawbacks to using a candle sconce is how little light it exudes. It is a good option if you want intimate lighting.

Swing-Arm Sconce

Need more flexibility and mobility? Swing-Arm Sconce can provide that for you! The main feature of this type of sconce is the fact that you are able to swing the light source from left to right. It is perfect as bedside lighting, reading nook light, or additional lighting for your office.

This type of sconce comes in many finishes. In fact, there are a few that move not only from left to right but also from top to bottom.

Picture Light

Looking to highlight a piece of wall art? Picture light sconces are perfect for that purpose. Known for its slender design, picture lights are often installed directly above the fixture that you want to illuminate. They are usually used indoors and can come as thin as possible in order to draw more attention to the art itself.

Sign Light

Similar to the picture light, the sign light sconce is made to highlight a sign fixed on a wall. It is able to give light to a bigger area and is often used by businesses to illuminate their signs.

Choosing the Right Sconce for Your Home

Choosing the Right Sconce for Your Home

As discussed earlier, there is a sconce made for every need and every space. However, it is all a matter of finding the right one for your home. Below are a few considerations that you need to consider:

Lighting purpose

Before buying a sconce, it is important that you determine the main purpose for the fixture. After all, you don’t want to buy something made to be dim in order to be a room’s primary light source. Consider what you need it for and how much light you need it to give out. This way you don’t waste your time and money on a sconce that can’t fulfill your need.


Like floor space, there are homes that also have limited wall real estate. In as much as sconces are space savers, you can also overcrowd your vertical allowance. Having too many things on the wall can make a room look cramped.

Measure and deliberate. There is a sconce for every room size. Make sure the one that you would buy is proportional to the space that you have.


Yes, a sconce might look beautiful but if it doesn’t go with anything else in your home then it might not be a good idea to make that purchase. After all, you want decorative pieces that melt into each other. Having an odd piece out can be distracting and can ruin your home’s overall vibe.

The space that your home has shouldn’t hinder the fun that you enjoy when decorating your property. Sconces prove that utility doesn’t have to mean unsightly. And if there is anything that you can take away from the article above, it is that there is a sconce for every home! It is all about enjoying the process of finding the right one to fit into your lovely abode.