Roll Out the Red Carpet for Hollywood Glam

Get some design inspiration from some of your favorite Oscar-winning movies! And the award for Best Decorated Space goes to... you!

It’s Oscar season, when the most fabulous people in Hollywood step out onto the red carpet and collect their prestigious awards. After a year of fantastic films, our favorite actors and actresses gather together to celebrate an industry ripe with storytelling talent. Even if you’re not a movie buff, there’s something exciting about red carpet interviews and, most of all, seeing all of the glamorous looks donned by the most beautiful people in the world.

The Oscars only happen one night a year, but good news! Hollywood glam isn’t just for the red carpet. Fans of the fabulous gowns and crisp suits can adopt the high-fashion style in their homes, to enjoy the luxe lifestyle long after the Academy Award winners take their final bows. From vintage looks reminiscent of Bette Davis, to more modern style akin to Jennifer Lawrence, we’ve put together some of our favorite pieces to achieve that unique Hollywood sparkle in your home.

Vintage Glam


Photo: Houzz

The vintage glam, roaring ‘20s party-vibe climbed its way back to the top of the trend-watch following the 2013 remake of The Great Gatsby, starring now-Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie encompasses the mid-20s look and feel, set in the daring and exciting New York City. Think flappers, jazz clubs, speakeasies, and bold colors and patterns with an emphasis on metallics. This setting is a great inspiration for interior design because it’s risky, yet rewarding! Adorned with weathered gold elements, feminine accents, and antique-styled furniture, a vintage glam room is a gorgeous way to bring out the luxe in your space.

If you’re going for the vintage glam vibe in your home, incorporate things like lush flowers, mirrored surfaces (like tabletops), chandeliers, and a large antique piece like a couch or accent chair to set the scene. It might be difficult to find a genuine antique piece to fit in your space without having to do some major repairs. But don’t worry! LuxeDecor has brand new furniture that is manufactured to look antique, so you don’t have to go searching through rummage sales and thrift stores to find the perfect sofa! The vintage glam aesthetic showcases bold colors and patterns intertwined with simple elegance, the perfect balance of eclectic and classic.

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Soft Glam


Photos: Confetti & Stripes | Emily Henderson

If you love fabulous, chic accents but are not necessarily committed to giving your living room the full Hollywood glam treatment, worry not! There are plenty of ways to incorporate glamorous elements to your room to achieve a soft, everyday look, like the classic glamour of Best Actress Audrey Hepburn’s 1961 hit Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Versatile and welcoming, the soft glam look lets your unique style shine through while maintaining that hint of Hollywood you know and love.

Lush rugs and stools, coupled with bright whites and subtle patterns, will give your space a girly vibe with hints of glam that don’t overpower the room. You can also opt for luxe lighting, like a fabulous chandelier, to add an immediate touch of glam to your space without changing anything else! Soft glam is a perfect look if you’re not in the market to redo your entire space. No need to purchase a brand new sofa, coffee table, chairs, and mirror all at once (but we obviously encourage you to do so!). Just grab a few small things, like a lamp, a rug, and a few throw pillows, and you can pull together a soft glam look on a budget.

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Bold Glam


Photos: The Decorista | The Everygirl

Does soft glam sound a bit… boring to you? Take a hint from 2002’s Best Picture winner Chicago and be bold, baby! Hollywood glam can be taken to any level, and if you want to take it all the way, you have the freedom to work with bold colors accompanied by deep blacks, whites, and golds. Utilize a wallpapered accent wall to define the space, and embellish your room with gold accents like an ornate mirror or desk (or both!) to really capture the magic of Hollywood.

It might be a little over-the-top to adopt the bold glam look throughout your entire home, but the style would be perfect to accent an extra bedroom or home office. Bold glam is all about finding the perfect unity between colors, patterns, finishes, and lighting to create a boldly styled space without seeming too busy. It’s a delicate balance, but easily achieved with the right pieces.

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Luxe Glam

Photos: Randi Garrett Design | The Darling Detail

Two words come to mind when thinking about luxe Hollywood glam: fancy and fabulous. While glam pieces are inherently luxurious, there is something to be said about a luxe space that looks like it belongs in a museum. The color palette and ornate detailing of a luxe glam space could be compared to the 2006 film Marie Antoinette, that year’s Best Costume Design winner at the Academy awards for the baroque, detailed, and feminine look of the film.

Muted, light colors with flowery and ornate accents define a luxe space. The room feels elegant, almost like a palace, and has simple pieces tied together with a perfect color palette.

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