Popular Home Design Trends for Homeowners Who Like the So Cal Beach Look

Home design is a constantly evolving phenomenon of trends and styles. Ignore it, and you risk having a home devoid of taste, comfort, and homeliness. Get it right; you will get heaven on earth. And that’s especially true with the SoCal beach look.

Home design is a constantly evolving phenomenon of trends and styles. Ignore it, and you risk having a home devoid of taste, comfort, and homeliness. Get it right; you will get heaven on earth. And that’s especially true with the SoCal beach look.

Any SoCal homeowner can't ignore trends in decor and then hope that one day his home will be filled with stunning pieces of decor. You won't get it right by divine intervention. You have to decide what style, color, or furniture will suit your SoCal home.

Your home? Yes, your sanctuary!

Your home is the most important sanctuary of your family. It is where you, your children, or your friends spend most of their time. Do you make an effort to make it cozy?

Some owners avoid remodeling their homes because they believe it's costly. Nothing could be further from the truth. While some design trends would cost you more; others are affordable. The most important thing is to know the right trend.

In this blog post, we are going to share with you some popular SoCal design trends. 

First things first, first:

  1. What Is Your Color of the Year? 

Psst! Have you heard of Pantone 2021 trend in SoCal design? You know nothing about the color of the year, which is Ultimate Gray and Illuminating?  You must be one of those people who don't want to part ways with furniture they inherited from their parents. 

The Pantone Color of the Year trend is a true reflection of what is taking place globally. From culture to style. It uses color as a form of communication. It says, "let's connect, kick back and relax, and be super-comfy.

Isn't that what almost every homeowner wants? To live in a home where a comfort permeates every space?

  1. What about Knotted Light Fixtures for the SoCal Beach Style?

Make a bold statement with cool light fixtures. All you have to do is use braided and knotted textiles. If you're looking for a neutral design, go for this trend. We like that they offer a hint of coastal aesthetic and a dash of creativity.

  1. What about the minimalist approach?

It isn't the first time you've heard this right?  Almost every designer agrees that less is more, but do all of them understand what that means?

Minimalism doesn't mean:

  • Homeowners have to use low-quality objects to decorate.
  • It doesn't mean your house should be empty.
  • You should not purchase the best furniture for your home.

It simply means you should choose clean lines, seamless structures, and a stylishly simple design. Lots of SoCal beach homes use this approach.

  1. Did you ever consider natural wood?

Last but not least, another trend any homeowner going for the Beachy SoCal look is natural wood. Yup! Get that rattan, cane, wicker, and other lumber of similar hues and make your home interior splendid. You will love your home all year round.

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