How to Tastefully Decorate Your Home for Fall

While it's nice to add a few autumnal touches to your interior design, it should all be done tastefully and subtly.

Autumn is a season with infinite charm. But when it comes to interiors, leaning into a fall theme can take it from charming to kitschy if you aren’t careful. Luckily, just following a few guidelines can help you indulge in the season aesthetic while still keeping your look refined. Read on to learn how to tastefully decorate your home for fall. 

JKM Home William Accent Chest

Subtly Shift Your Color Palette with Accent Pieces

When redecorating for the fall, it can be easy to fall into the trap of completely overhauling your home’s color schemes. Before you know it, you can end up in rooms completely saturated by autumnal tones, creating a sense of overwhelm.

Exercising restraint is the best approach to incorporating fall’s rich, vibrant chromas. Switching out just a few accent pieces with vivid replacements can introduce the seasonal atmosphere without going overboard. Think a bold rust-colored rug, or a deep mustard accent chair. If you want to incorporate more color after updating your accent pieces, we recommend going with small touches in more muted tones. 

Momeni Metro Paprika Rectangular Area Rug

Go Understated with Seasonal Motifs

In homes where the decorator has gotten a bit carried away, the autumn symbols are often overflowing. Leaf garlands and wreaths abound, while sculptures of pumpkins and turkeys seem to adorn every available surface. 

You can avoid the look of the “fall explosion” by sticking to a handful of diminutive yet striking statement pieces, such as candle holders, statues, and other accents. Don’t forget that motifs can also take the form of specific materials. For example, while the horse head form shown here may not seem particularly seasonal, the rustic wood composition builds a strong connection with fall’s outdoorsy vibe. 

Hinkley Lighting Rigby Antique Nickel Three-Light 27'' Wide Vanity Light



Phillips Collection Brich Metal Wall Art

Substitute Luxurious Textures for Cliché Patterns

While tartans and plaids can be pulled off by a well-composed design, they’re still rather predictable when it comes to fall decor. You can freshen up your approach to autumn textiles by shifting focus to cozy textures instead. 

Think soft furs, snuggly knits, and sumptuous velvets. Warm, comforting textures that recall nature - just what you want when a chill is in the air. The best thing about this styling alternative is that it not only looks good, it feels good too. 

JKM Home Lorenzo 44'' Wide Oval Coffee Table

Use Fine Art to Bring Natural Scenes Indoors

As one of the most striking times of the year, it’s no wonder why we want to recreate the beauty of fall in our homes. One of the easiest and most elegant ways to do this is through thoughtfully-chosen artwork. 

Canvas Wall Art

Paintings and sculptures that represent the autumnal landscape can instantly transition your interior into the season, and allow you to enjoy its imagery even indoors. All it takes is one or two key pieces to imbue your home with fall’s enchanting aesthetic.

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