How to Take Your Old Outdated Kitchen and Turn it Into a Modern Living Space

You don't need to rebuild your home to update your kitchen and turn the heart of your home into a modern living space. There are a few design tricks that you can use to create e a kitchen that is more in line with today's trends.

How to Take Your Old Outdated Kitchen and Turn it Into a Modern Living Space

You can break the bank with your rainy day fund and get the kitchen of your dreams. However, you can also make just a few tweaks to modernize your kitchen and kick its outdated look to the curb.

Design Ideas to Update an Outdated Kitchen

There are many ways to update your outdated kitchen and turn it into a modern living space. These are the most common:

  • Add metals – stainless steel appliances, metal trims and handles
  • Change the lighting – teardrop lights, pendant lighting, recessed lighting
  • Change the floors – choose natural materials like wood or stone tile
  • Remove walls – an open-concept kitchen is the latest kitchen trend

Add Metals to Your Kitchen

Metals are a design feature that will instantly update any room in your home. A chrome lamp, bronze finished detailing, or metal accents on your cupboards will change the face of your kitchen entirely.

Metals that you want to look for are brushed metals like brushed gold and bronze, copper elements, stainless steel, and aluminum. These materials make anything in your kitchen sparkle in a very elegant way.

Change the Lighting

We get stuck on lighting and fixtures in a room because we are accustomed to them, and they can be a pain to change and reinstall with new fixtures. Take the day to change the lighting in your room.

Do some research on teardrop lighting, recessed lighting in the ceiling, or pendant lights to brighten up your space and change the look. Any modern era fixture will make your kitchen look different and instantly remove its outdated and worn appearance.

Change the Floors

If you have linoleum flooring, you have an outdated kitchen. Flooring is not the most expensive change to a kitchen, and it is worth the investment.

Consider flooring that is made of natural materials and will have a long lifespan. Think, ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, or even stone.

Remove Walls

Finally, a way to modernize any kitchen is to make it open concept. It is a key trend in updated and contemporary kitchens.Many outdated kitchens have walls as this was the style in their time of build. Open up more room in your kitchen by taking out a section of upper cabinets to open up some space. Install open shelving so that the room has a less closed in look.

Update Your Kitchen Today

When you are looking for a way to change the outdated look on your kitchen, you can make a major rehaul by tearing out walls and updating appliances. Or, you can add subtle touches like metals accents and updated lighting to update the heart of your home.