How to Take Your Home Design From Boring To Beautiful ... Without Breaking The Bank!

If your budget is tight, and you are looking for a home design refresh, it is easier than you may think.

Take a look at what you already own with new eyes, add a few new items, and before you know it your home design will go from boring to beautiful! Take a look at some easy and effective tips from the experts.

Change It Up: One of the easiest ways to refresh a room is to rearrange home accents and furniture. In the bedroom, move your bed to the opposite wall and add new colorful accent pillows. Take a pair of accent lamps from the living room and display them on a buffet in the dining room. Separate a sectional sofa in the living room and add end tables to create a totally new arrangement.

Add A Coat Of Paint: Whether you decide to keep the same color or make a total change, a fresh coat of paint will instantly update a room. Either paint all the walls the same color or go for a dramatic look and paint one wall a different color than the others. Paint will also breathe new life into wood furniture and other home accents.

Update Window Treatments: Changing the curtains and window treatments is an easy and inexpensive tip to refresh any room in your home. The following are ideas shared by our design team:

  • Replace heavy curtains with lighter colored or white sheers, so the natural light fills the room
  • Wrap and weave faux floral garland around a curtain rod to add interest and dimension
  • Tie-back curtains with fabric ribbon and secure with a decorative vintage broach
  • For privacy, add rattan blinds that allow natural light into the room
  • Create a modern look by using no window coverings at all
  • To create the illusion of bigger windows, attach curtain rods way above the top of the windows and allow the fabric to puddle on the floor

Add Accent Rugs: Accent rugs add a special touch to a room. They look welcoming and stylish while also reducing the noise. Accent rugs beautifully frame a coffee table, cover an old stain and create smaller spaces within a large room.

Update Hardware: Changing the hardware will instantly transform and refresh. Replace doorknobs, cabinet handles, stairway rails, drawer pulls, overhead light fixtures, and floor registers. Purchase brand new or shop local vintage markets, garage sales, and thrift shops.

Display Framed Art: Simply hanging framed artwork, personal photographs or mementos will change the look of a room. Move artwork and mirrors from one room to another, create a grouping with other framed art, or hang one large piece on a bare wall. Fill a bare shelf or mantle with multiple-sized picture frames full of children's art, pictures from vacations, and other mementos.

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