How to Get a Cozy Winter Interior without Sacrificing Luxury

When you think about a cozy living room, you picture a warm and welcoming space. You probably have warm wood furniture, some linen fabrics, and a scented candle in mind.

The merry spirit and cold weather of winter naturally put us into “nesting” mode, stimulating us to make our abodes more welcoming, festive, and comforting. But balancing this need for coziness with a taste for luxury can be hard to do. 

In this post, we walk you through some of our best tricks for incorporating chic, indulgent winter touches throughout your interior.



Embrace Sumptuous Textiles

Sometimes, all it takes to add wintry vibes is the dramatic draping of a rich, cuddly fabric. Layer up your bed or sofa with throw blankets and pillows. We recommend choosing heavier fabric types, such as chunky cable knits, cloudy fleece, smooth velvet, or soft faux fur. 

Even just laying a thick, cushy shag rug down can create a sense of snugness while adding flair to your room. The extra layer beneath your feet will be welcome on chilly mornings. 


Juxtapose Modern Forms with Traditional Materials

You can avoid a stuffy and predictable look by mixing classic winter materials with sleek, contemporary pieces. For example, a wall piled high with firewood couldn’t be a more iconic winter image. Raw log end tables lean deeper into the rustic vibes. But what keeps such a scene in the realm of high design is the interplay of modern elements, such as a geometric print rug and a minimalist accent chair

This approach to styling can be done with large furniture pieces, or even just decorative accents. Mix and match styles to get just the right composition for your taste.


Prep Your Bathroom for Long, Warm Soaks

Luxury isn’t only about the quality and beauty of your interior, it’s also in how you use it. Treating yourself to a steamy bath on a chilly winter day is one of the most luxurious moments you can have within your home - and also, the most cozy. 

Prepare your bathroom for a season of indulgence by outfitting it with all you need for a wonderful bathtime ritual. Adorn the facing wall with inspiring art, hang some plush bath towels, and next to the tub, place a stylish end table or stool. It will serve as the perfect spot to set a hot cup of tea and a candle. Don’t forget a downy, high-pile rug to step on when it’s time to dry off. 

The goal is to create a sanctuary. A place that appeals to your senses with pampering sights and textures. 


Bring Beauty to Your Hearth

If your home has a fireplace, you can instantly increase the cozy factor by using tasteful decor to make it the room’s focal point. From artful fireplace screens to fine accents for the mantel, there are a multitude of ways you can draw the eye to your home’s hearth while enhancing its sophistication. 

Adding an ornately-framed mirror is a simple way to add a posh look, and hanging an authentic pine garland is a perfectly understated touch of festivity.


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