How to Choose Luxury Furniture: 8 Tips from LuxeDecor

Decorating your home with beautiful furniture that lasts decades means luxury pieces are your best option.


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Decorating your home with beautiful furniture that lasts decades means luxury pieces are your best option. But what does luxury furniture really even mean? It’s not just a tag that accompanies the most expensive pieces on the market. True luxury furniture delivers heirloom quality, superior craftsmanship, and so much more. If you’re wondering how to choose furniture for your home that is truly luxurious, LuxeDecor is here to help!

Read on here to learn what it means for a piece to be defined as “luxury,” along with some of our top tips on how to find the right piece for your home!


What it Means to Be Luxury Furniture

Wondering how to choose furniture that evokes opulence and grandeur? First, you have to understand all the elements of what makes furniture luxury. When you decide you want luxury furniture in your home, the pieces you choose should fulfill several basic categories including products from trusted brand names, the quality that is guaranteed to last decades, amazing artistry, custom designs, and a limited selection.

Brand Name


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Brands that have become famous providers of luxury furniture are those that have made an effort to create something truly special and unique. Many of the most trusted brands, like Hekman Furniture or Stanley Furniture, are over a century old. They have survived for so long because they have a vision of what their brand should be that has earned the respect of the industry and the love of customers around the world.

Top Quality

While premium quality is implied with many of the most famous names in the furniture manufacturing world, how do you know what is actually designed to last through the years? When you’re wondering how to choose quality furniture, look for pieces made with the finest materials like natural wood or cast metals. Pieces that are hand sealed and have a layer of protection against dust and weather will last longer.


Often, specialization is a sign of an elite level of craftsmanship. Many companies have grown enough to allow for diversification of their available pieces, but they still stay within the confines of certain materials or designs. If you find yourself looking for a specific piece of lighting or a remarkable rug, it’s best to shop with a company that makes those items exclusively.

At LuxeDecor, we love highlighting experts in their fields. For rugs, some of our featured brands include the young — but innovative — Dalyn company and the authentic North Indian rug-maker Surya. We also recommend the Traditional allure of Fine Art Lamps and the Retro Minimalist aesthetic of Oluce Lighting.



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Not every piece you choose has to be custom made, but bespoke furniture allows you to completely control the pieces you bring into your home. If you want to make a specific item the focal point of the room and ensure its quality, a bespoke piece is always a good option.

At LuxeDecor, one of our favorite purveyors of bespoke furniture is the Regina Andrew company.

Limited Runs

Part of what defines luxury furniture is the uniqueness and limited quantity of certain pieces. While lesser companies may try to mass manufacture a line that recreates a certain popular item, the top brands know the power of a limited run. Debating how to choose furniture for your home? Look for designers that restrict production of a line and then move on to new designs.


Luxury Doesn’t Always Mean Showy

Many styles, including Modern and Minimalist ones, avoid flamboyance and ostentation. Instead, modern and minimalist luxury brands carry high-quality pieces with sleek designs that catch the eye and evoke the sophistication you’re looking for. When you’re wondering how to choose furniture that fits in with your aesthetic and still exudes luxury, don’t be afraid of exploring styles other than Antique or Traditional.


Choosing Your Luxury Style


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You want to decorate your space in a way that feels right to you. Since shopping online gives you access to more pieces than ever, it’s becoming harder and harder to make certain that whatever you choose will really fit into your home. When you’re wondering how to choose the right furniture, focus on things like contrast, themes, and functionality to narrow down your options.

  1. Individuality

Nothing says individuality more than choosing pieces based on how they will work in your personal space. Discover how to choose furniture through your personal needs by analyzing the pieces that are already in your home and considering what space lacks.

Do you settle down in your reading chair with a cup of tea and find you don’t know where to place the mug between sips? Are you dying for better lighting in your home office because there aren’t any windows in the room? These are sure ways to find pieces you really need, instead of furniture that merely takes up space.

  2. Contrast


a living room couch, chair, and table


If you’re striving to bring the “wow” factor to a particular space, there is no better path than stark contrasts. Whether you’re drawing contradictions in color, style, or material, your room will take on a whole new life. When you start exploring how to choose furniture for this endeavor, consider what a bright pop of color will do in white space or how a brocade item will look in a leather dominated room.

  3. Themes

The theme or style of your home is absolutely essential when you’re wondering how to choose furniture. If you don’t know what aesthetic you prefer, your home will end up a mish-mash of odds and ends that don’t fit together. Educate yourself on the various styles of furniture, and learn which work together well to ensure cohesion in every room.

The top fundamental styles of furniture popular today include Traditional, Modern, and Mid-Century Modern. While LuxeDecor carries a massive selection of designers, for Traditional brands, turn to Hooker Furniture. Collections like Lexington and Mater bring you a Modern edge, and Greenington is the epitome of Mid-Century Modern.

  4. Decorate by Room

You aren’t obligated to decorate every room in your house the exact same way. You can explore different themes and collections from space to space. Many styles are distinct from each other but have enough overlap to work together. Try exploring how Minimal, Modern, and Scandinavian work together. Blend Bohemian, Industrial, and Shabby Chic. Don’t let the rigidity of a particular trend define how you choose furniture.

  5. Get a Decorator

You don’t have to do it all on your own! Hiring an expert to help you decide what pieces and styles will look best in each room will give you a direction. Let an interior decorator assist you in how you choose furniture and accessories to simplify the entire home decor process. You will receive many benefits from hiring a decorator, including:

  • Professional assessments of a space
  • Ties to your favorite brands and designers
  • Reliable third-party decision making
  • Proper budgeting and planning
  • Learn how to incorporate different styles better

  6. Functionality


contemporary chairs


Luxury furniture is about more than what you see. You need to strike the right balance between beauty, comfort, and function to genuinely be happy with the decor in your home. You may have found the most striking sofa, but what’s the point if it’s too uncomfortable to sit in? When you’re wondering how to choose the right furniture, try several different arrangements and test out everything before you finalize each piece.

  7. Be Wary of Prices

The most expensive option isn’t always the best option. Often, prices are inflated because of the power behind a brand’s name or the very limited selection they offer. There is nothing better than finding the perfect luxury piece and a price that makes sense. LuxeDecor is always running sales on some of the most popular brands in the world to help you bring all your favorite pieces home. We offer low prices on tons of collections — from Paula Deen Home and Savoy House to Sunset West and Quoizel.

  8. Don’t Go Overboard: Luxury & Fashion

Home decor is a lot like fashion. It’s tempting to show off all your favorite pieces at once, but that can create a clash that’s not so visually appealing. Let one or two pieces define a space and make sure you edit your selections to avoid a discordant collection. Make sure you’re controlling the design of your home rather than letting brand names and eye-catching designs control you.


Work with the Experts at LuxeDecor


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At LuxeDecor, we know the importance of finding the furniture that speaks to you. We don’t want you to buy something on impulse and then a week later decide you’re bored with it. With our guide on how to choose furniture, we can ensure you find pieces that complete a space, last for generations, and bring your home to life.

If you have questions regarding a specific brand or piece, reach out to our customer service team today for additional assistance.