How to Add Holiday Glitz to Your Home Using Statement Decor

We’ve curated statement pieces to get you started on transforming your home into an awe-worthy space. Step out of your comfort zone and try one of our decorating ideas to give any room that wow-factor.

In winter, the days are dark and the dreary weather can make your home feel depressing. Combine that with the desire to get a bit festive for the holidays, and it’s no surprise if you find yourself looking for ways to add a little brightness and cheer.

We’ve compiled some of our top tips for glitzing up your interior in the winter. Specifically, we’re focusing on techniques that have maximum impact with little effort, using just a few statement pieces to uplift the mood.


Add a Grand Mirror 

One of the most effective ways to multiply light in a room is to place a large mirror on one of the walls. When that mirror has a glistening metallic frame, the look is all the more luminous and merry. We love the bold character of this Hand Burnished Gold Leaf Wall Mirror from Lexington’s Take Five collection. For a more subdued, art deco style, we also recommend this piece from Caracole’s Classics


Frame with Room Dividers

Room dividers are great for defining spaces and adding a dramatic touch. Those with an ornate pattern or resplendent finish are especially effective at bestowing glamour on a room. These shimmering three-panel room dividers by Caracole are the perfect example, easily adding a sense of luxury and finesse to an otherwise minimalist interior. 


Hang a Glistening Light Fixture

What could add more glitz than a beautifully-designed piece that also emits its own light? Upgrade your light fixtures to make them opulent focal points. From dramatic chandeliers to daring wall sconces, there’s no shortage of options. We love the delicate, snowflake-style metalwork of this crystal pendant light by John Richard. It is simple yet resplendent, easily taking center-stage in any space it’s hung. 


Gather ‘Round a Metallic Coffee Table

The coffee table is one of the most integral components of any living or entertaining space. Give it a shining finish and it casts the whole room with a lavish vibe. We adore the silvery sheen of Jonathan Adler’s Alphaville Smoked Mirror Coffee Table. If you’re looking for something with a warmer tone or more subtle finish, then we recommend this soft gold table from Caracole. 

Find Winter Glamour for Your Interior 

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