How Long Does It Take to Complete Home Décor or Remodeling Improvements?

A comprehensive home remodeling project takes a considerable amount of time to complete, depending on the nature of changes involved and the size of the dwelling.

How Long Does It Take to Complete Home Décor or Remodeling Improvements?

These factors also applied to the cost of implementing the changes.

You can determine the applicable timeline by breaking up the work into three key stages. The home remodeling stages include discovery, planning or design, and construction.

The planning phase typically takes longer than the construction work itself. You need to make critical decisions about layout, building materials, style, and finishes during this stage. These decisions should align seamlessly with your budget.

Kitchens tend to take the longest time to renovate. When renovating your kitchen, you need to choose the ideal countertops or cabinets, the right layout, and other considerations. The second most time-consuming aspect of a remodeling project involves work on foyers, entryways, and mudrooms. In this regard, you make important decisions about storage or style. On the other hand, bathroom renovations typically take the shortest time to plan.

Discovery Stage

This phase entails consulting with designers and contractors to determine and assess remodeling options available to you. The process allows you to make informed decisions regarding material choices, timelines, budget, and other factors.

On average, the discovery stage can take between 14 and 60 days, depending on the deliberations and the time it takes to find the right solution for your project. You should consider consulting multiple contractors before reaching the final decision. In doing so, you can determine the right contractor and gain access to multiple design concepts.

Design Phase

Your whole house project moves to the design phase once you have selected the right contractor. This process can take between a few weeks and four months. A wide selection of factors will determine the applicable timeline. These factors include project size, the surveying process, the total number of design revisions, and the engineering timeline.

During this stage, you can expect several consultative meetings, extensive planning processes, and drawing creation. A larger remodeling project takes longer to complete.

Prep and Construction Stage

This phase entails obtaining the required permits, purchasing building materials, and booking subcontractors or crew schedules. You can expect the preparation process to take between four and eight weeks. However, this stage may take longer to complete in some cases if planning reviews and routine inspections are necessary.

During the construction phase, contractors may take between four and six months to complete smaller whole home remodels. Larger renovation projects can take up to a year or longer to complete. The project's complexity plays a key role in determining the timeline.

Additional Considerations

The combined timelines of all stages range between seven and 10 months for smaller projects, while larger projects can take 15 months or more. Any issues with permits or inspections may lead to unforeseen delays.

You can ensure that the project proceeds more efficiently by planning ahead and sticking to the schedule. Avoid rushing the processes, particularly when it comes to planning and decision-making. For instance, demolishing the old structures before completing the planning process can hamper the project's efficiency.

Also, it is vital to reserve adequate time for buying the required building materials. In some cases, suppliers may not deliver according to the agreed schedule.