The Best Scents To Match Every Room In Your Home

Incorporate a special fragrance to every room in your abode to bring irresistible ambiance to your home.


Infusing your home with charm doesn’t just stop at your accessories and furniture. Fragrance is an often-forgotten element that can make a major impact on the ambiance of your abode. It adds depth to a space, creating a multisensory experience that elevates the character of your home. Incorporating a special scent for every room can enhance its functionality, and allows you to give each space a distinct personality. From your dining room to bedroom, add unique charm to every room with our top scent picks that will bring a truly "home-sweet-home" air to your nest.   



For Your Living Room...
Play It According To Mood

Your living room serves as the most dynamic space in your home, equal parts entertaining and recreation space. The scent you elect in this space serves as a foundation to complement (even enhance) the activities that take place in the living room. A creamy, sensual floral is a universal scent that will warm up your space, and is appropriate for everyday use. However, if you’re hosting a party, choose a cheerful, lively fragrance that will get noticed. Fruity scents add a fun, social flavor that will complement the occasion and encourage guests to mingle. Setting candles tableside will also bring ambient, soft focus lighting perfect for entertaining. Show them off in style with decorative candle holders.  

Try: Sandalwood, Cedar, Lily, Lavender, Fig, Passion Fruit

For Your Dining Room...
Don't Compete With The Food

From fresh food to wafting cooking smells, mealtime spaces are already dense with a host of aromas. Moreover, scientific researchers agree that the sense of smell “plays a dominant role in the tasting of food”, which means choosing the right scent is also imperative to enjoying your meal. Accordingly, avoid floral scents in your dining room since the smell will interfere with the food you serve. Herbaceous, citrus-based scents complement existing food-based aromas, and work to neutralize more stubborn cooking scents. For the dining room, candles are ideal for setting an intimate mood perfect for entertaining. Opt for beeswax candles since they have air-purifying properties that neutralize bad smells, and emit a light honey scent that doesn't compete with your food.

Try: Bergamot, Pear, Thyme, Grapefruit, Honey, Rosemary


For Your Bedroom...
Botanicals Bring Tranquility


Creating a serene sanctuary that promotes a soothing environment well-suited for relaxation is perhaps the prime purpose for a sleep-time space. Botanical scents are perfect bedside for their calming aromas that create a relaxing atmosphere to unwind in at the end of the day. The added benefit is that natural botanical scents carry therapeutic properties. Eucalyptus and pine are believed to reduce stress levels, while vanilla scents help promote a restful sleep. For a scent that’s a little sexy yet subtle, choose a floral-based aroma that's grounded by a little musk for a sensual, romantic scent that's perfect for the bedroom. Scents like jasmine and ylang-ylang are natural aphrodisiacs. Whichever you choose, bedroom scents are intimate, so choose your favorite scent to build your personal refuge.

Try: Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Pine, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile


For Your Bathroom...
Think So Fresh, So Clean

Using the right scent in your bathroom can help transform this space into a luxurious spa destination. Utilize scents that conjure a clean and crisp feeling. Our choice is linen and ocean-based scents that feel fresh and airy. Since bathrooms typically exhibit tighter quarters, it’s best to avoid heavy smells that will overwhelm the space. Cucumber is perfect for smaller-sized rooms since it makes people perceive a space as being larger than it is.

Try: Cucumber, Linen, Ocean, Freesia, Mandarin, Geranium


More Tips From LuxeDecor

1) Customize scents according to season. The summer months call for a lighter and fresher touch, so choose citrus-based aromas that will boost your energy. Heavier scents that will warm up your home are best-suited for the colder months of fall and winter. This is the best time to use savory, food-based scents, like pumpkin or baked goods in your living room and kitchen.

2) Use a variety of scent methods. From candles, diffisuers, room sprays, and incense, there are a variety of methods to make your home smell amazing. Candles are best-suited for entertaining, since the light they emit sets the right mood for intimate gatherings, while diffusers are great for larger spaces. They bring continual, overall ambiance to a room that you won't have to worry about.

3) Spritz your linens with a room spray. Make your room spray last longer by spritzing your linens and textiles with a scented spray. Fabrics trap scent particles better, making the scent last longer in your room. The best sprays emit a very fine dispersion.

4) Go for artful blends. Unless the scent you're using is natural and extremely high-quality, using a singular aroma can prove too overwhelming for a room. Sticking to a single, concentrated scent produces the opposite intended results by calling attention to itself and convincing people you're trying to cover something up. Instead, opt for artful blends that bring depth into a room.

5) Clean your space. It might seem obvious, but no amount of fragrance will help cover a bad-smelling home. If there's a lingering smell, be sure to clean out your garbage disposal, trash, and bathroom. This ensures that the scents you use won't mingle with funky smells.


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(Article by Christine Villanueva)