Home Design Ideas and Recommendations for Families with Kids

Having children doesn't mean you can’t have a magazine-worthy home where clutter is non-existent, and everything is always in its proper place.

The truth is, many families tend to sacrifice good designs for comfort whenever there are kids involved.

While your kids should be your top priority, your personal style also matters and the sooner you learn how to create a sophisticated yet child-friendly and safe space for all of you, the happier and more contented everyone gets. With that said, here are a few top home design ideas and recommendations for your family.

Choose Forgiving Paint Options

Children touch everything in the house with clean or dirty hands. To save yourself the headache of planning to paint every summer, why not choose a paint type and color that is easy to clean?

Alternatively, you can get a paint option that conceals marks. Washable walls are easy to maintain, especially with children writing and coloring everywhere. You can try some dark paint color in a high gloss sheen, which not only gives your home a modern feel but also allows you to clean or wipe dirt effortlessly.

Create a variety of sitting styles

It's almost impossible to control where kids play and where they keep their toys. They get bored pretty fast, which means changing their toys, sitting in different positions and getting messy once in a while. Your living room should allow all members of your family to be comfortable spending time on what they're doing.

Have seats facing the TV, others facing the window, others at desks in the corner and others strategically near coffee tables. Let your living room be diverse and all-inclusive by:

  • Incorporating a play area where the kids can play when they feel bored during family time
  • Swap the sharp-edged and fragile furniture for upholstered options
  • Disguise your mounted television
  • Instead of using a family photo wall, consider investing in open shelving that is a little more adaptable.
  • Create a comfortable corner sofa for the kids

Invest in built-in storage

When sharing rooms with kids, tidying up the space is not always easy. They have lots of stuff; toys, books, and devices which they often carry everywhere. Having some smart storage solutions, especially in the living room, bedrooms, and playroom, can be a lifesaver. Check some stylish wooden cabinets from Luxe Decor or have a professional come over to install several built-in cabinets in different areas for storage.

Buy the right type of fabric

Spills and other messes will happen every other time, but cleaning doesn't have to be a hassle if you invest in the right fabrics. Color can be the lifesaver you need after a nasty spill, especially if you invest in dark colors or strong prints as they hide dirt and spills. While they can be pricey, fabrics such as mohair are not only durable but also easy to clean any mess your kids create. Mohair fabrics are also stylish and luxurious, but you can also go with faux, vinyl or leather, which also wipes off easily.

The materials are durable to withstand the normal wear and tear associated with kids climbing over the furniture.

There are so many wonderful ideas you can try and practical suggestions that work every time. Once you have gathered a few ideas, check out Luxe Decor for stylish designs on furniture, lighting, decor and more.