Holiday Decorating In 30 Minutes Or Less

Makeover your home into a holiday haven with these shamefully easy, yet highly impactful holiday decor tips.


Procrastinators rejoice! For anyone who hasn’t had time (or energy) to devote to a complete holiday overhaul at home, there’s still hope for infusing your space with festive flair. Whether you’ve been preoccupied with last-minute party prep, or busy picking out the perfect presents for family and friends, it’s all too easy to let time slip away during the holiday season. The solution? Chic and simple decorating ideas that take less than 30 minutes to complete. By focusing on a few well-chosen, eye-catching locations around your home, these holiday-worthy tricks spread both festive AND stylish cheer in a flash.



Invite Your Chair To The Christmas Party


Classic holiday decor, like wreaths and ornaments, aren’t only reserved for the door or tree. For a tasteful holiday look, embrace a 360-degree view, and dress up your dining space by hanging mini wreaths or artfully arranged ornaments on the backs of dining chairs or kitchen bar stools. We suggest choosing a decorating theme to create a unified, festive look that's sure to impress guests during your holiday feast. 



Natural Scents Create A Festive Ambiance



People often forget that ambiance is everything when it comes to the holidays. The fireplace mantel is the ideal place to set the holiday mood, with a glittering Christmas tree often positioned next to the holiday hearth. While Christmas stockings are the classic choice when it comes to mantel hangings, we think bringing in fresh accessories, like eucalyptus garlands and plenty of candles, adds newfound depth and allure to a room by layering in scent and light. It takes mere minutes to layer branches of aromatic eucalyptus leaves and scented candles along the mantle, creating a cozy and elegant environment that appeals to all your senses.

Take Your Chandelier To New Holiday Heights

Weaving in ribbons and dangling a few Christmas baubles around a chandelier is a delightful and unexpected touch in a room. This space-saving decorating tip packs plenty of visual punch without taking up valuable space below. Think vertical with your holiday decorations for an instant holiday facelift that results in an open and airy home. The quirky design detail adds a personal touch to your light fixtures, and is an easy way to inject some great color to a room.


Stage A Holiday #Shelfie


The so-called “shelfie” has been making interior design style waves over the last few years on Instagram. The #shelfie is the 21st-century version of the classic tableaux painting, and as the Wall Street Journal describes, “a new way to broadcast self-portraits of good taste”. Show off your home's impeccable style by staging your own holiday-themed shelfie. From gold metallic accents to cherry red poinsettia plants, a bookcase or wall shelf offers the ideal spot to display all of your Christmas-worthy trimmings, packing in plenty of personal flair in a small amount of space. Don't be afraid to experiment by grouping a mix of textures, sizes, and styles to create the perfect holiday vignette. 



Make Garlands Your Best Friend

Paying tribute to the holidays can be as simple as bringing in natural touches around your home. Lush evergreen garlands are the easiest way to add instant texture and color to any room, with little effort and high impact. They can be placed anywhere for dramatic effect. Wrap a swag of garland around a staircase banister to spruce up your home with natural charm. Even easier? Simply drape a swag of garland on any piece of furniture, like a living room accent chest. Don’t shy away from using artificial evergreen garlands for economical decorating, either. While natural evergreens bring a fresh feel, artifical garlands still add a fair share of drama, and can be reused annually.


Don’t Forget Your Doorways

Just like your front door, doorways are the gateway to first impressions and warm welcomes in your home. As guests meander from room to room during Christmas festivities, in-between spaces like doorways are a well-chosen location to bring a feeling of festive cheer. The often overlooked location is a prime spot for an instant holiday facelift. Hanging greenery, ornaments, or ribbons is a simple, sure-fire way to get your home holiday-ready in no time.



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