Guest Room Revamp

Creating the perfect guest room is no easy feat. This space should reflect your personal style, while making guests feel right at home.

Guest Bedroom

With the holidays just around the corner, now’s the time to start prepping your guest room for family and friends. A great guest room makes visitors feel truly at home but still reflects your unique style. Decorating this precarious space requires both insight and restraint. To help with the task, we’ve compiled our best insider tips for creating a dreamy space that combines bed-and-breakfast charm with five-star amenities.


1. Give Your Guests a Five-Star Sleep

When it comes to buying linens for your guest bed, we recommend an all white palette. White connotes a classic, clean feel, and the resulting look reminds us of upscale hotels. Plus, bleached white sheets always come out of the wash looking brand new. When selecting your linens, go for high-quality products, manufactured from either organic or Egyptian cotton material, with a thread count of 200 or above. The number may seem low but 200 count sheets made from upper echelon materials will more than suffice in keeping your guest cozy and comfortable. Layer on plenty of pillows, sheets, a down comforter, and blankets to accommodate guests who might get chilly (or warm) during the night. If all white’s just not your thing, consider a colorful throw or accent pillows to add a pop of personality. Be sure to place a large woven basket in plain sight of the bed for storing extra blankets. A basket also provide a place for guests to toss accent pillows when they tuck in for the night.

2. Consider Nightstand Essentials

A small nightstand or bedside table provides a convenient space to display every essential your guest might need during their stay. We recommend a small table clock, a reading lamp, a carafe of water with a couple of drinking glasses, and (if space permits) a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. When stylizing the nightstand, pick out functional pieces that subtly showcase your unique style. Another bedside addition we love is a DIY framed display of your WiFi information, so guests can happily peruse the internet after midnight, without waking you up to ask for the password.


3. Create a Reading Nook for Guests to Recharge

Travel can be stressful and overwhelming. Help your guests relax by providing a space where they can escape the traffic and activity of your home. A reading nook, complete with comfy chair, reading materials, and an a la carte snack display will provide visitors with an afternoon oasis. Guests will cherish the chance to curl up with a book and recharge without having to crawl under the covers. Be sure to display a variety of books, magazines, and coffee table page turners in a basket or rack to suit any literary fancy. If space comes at a premium in your guest room we love the catch-all idea of storing visitor essentials on a re-purposed bar cart. Stack the cart to the brim with reading materials, towels, snacks, and fresh soap. The bar cart option provides the convenience of having everything visible and in one place.

4. Give Them Space (Literally)

Visitors staying more than one night, might appreciate the option to unpack. Empty out the top couple drawers in a dresser to provide space for guests’ clothes and other belongings. A clean and bare dresser top will provide them with additional space to nest and arrange any accessories or personal care items they may have brought with them. Finish off the dresser with a simple mirror (or mount one on the wall) so your guest has a place to privately primp before joining your family in the common living space or for an afternoon of sightseeing.

5. Turn the Bathroom Into a Mini-Spa

If your spare room comes equipped with an adjoining bathroom, we recommend re-configuring the space for optimal guest use. Use a decorative ladder or eterage to display plenty of fluffy white towels. The open display creates a luxurious five-star feel and saves visitors the discomfort of rummaging through closed cabinets or closets. Use glass canisters or decorative pedestals to display sweet-smelling soap bars for quick access. Finish the bath with a display of travel sized shampoos, conditioners, and lotions to cater to visitors’ every need. Refrain from cluttering the bathroom with any additional decor–the understated towel and soap displays will suffice in filling out the space.