Game Room Design Trends for New Homeowners

Game rooms are the perfect solution for the comfort-seeking homeowner. From the basement to your garage, there are opportunities to fill a room with classic tabletop games, family-favorite arcade selections, and vintage music.

Game Room Design Trends for New Homeowners

Open your mind and explore these 5 game room design trends for new homeowners.

  1. Elevate the mood by making game rooms music-friendly

    Since you’re a new homeowner, you might not have too much personal property and furniture. Why not elevate your game room by creating a music-friendly environment? Go with a modern selection of speakers and soundbars, combined with vinyl records, posters, and a small space consisting of a sofa and chairs. Music is certain to lift your family and friends’ moods.

  2. Add the right theme in your game room to highlight the furniture and decor

    Consider your personality. Should you prefer a favorite character, add that character to the room with wallpaper. Wanting a retro look? Taking your game room back with a creative coat of paint can make your chosen vision behind the game room stand out. But be sure not to overdo it with the theme. Too much of one thing can be hard on the eyes and increase anxiety. A combination you won’t want as a new homeowner.

  3. Increase game options to open your game room to the neighborhood

    An exciting pool game isn’t the same if there’s also not a table tennis match going on right beside it. And foosball and shuffleboard would be a lot more intense if you added an air hockey table along with a couple of pinball machines. The more diverse your options, the more options your company will have, the higher the fun factor will be.

  4. Make your game room multi-purpose to keep the fun going

    Make your game room multipurpose so that all guests feel like they’re at home. When everyone’s had enough of the pinball machine, let the family settle down on a plus-sized sofa with a cocktail bar in the corner. Give yourself some space by separating movie night from the game night but keeping both options available in the same room. If you can add a small refrigerator and a space for eating, you can expect guests to stay for twice as long.

  5. Relax and get comfortable with a focus on a specific game

    Limit the amount of furniture in your game room so you can fill the room faster. Then, you’ll want to reduce clutter so guests can move freely. Finally, arrange your furniture and décor so that a single game is a focal point. Instead of typical dark shades of paint, you might choose white walls with a larger gold chess set and beige furniture.

You should feel proud of your new game room. But game room trends go beyond mere décor. Now, you can opt for a multi-purpose room or increase the number of games in the room so that everyone can have fun. When you’re a new homeowner, keep your game room looking nice by keeping your mind open to new trends. In the end, your guests will be glad to come over and play for as long as you can keep them company.