Budget Friendly Home Updates For Every Price Point

If your home is starting to feel a little lackluster, a simple update might be in order. We've rounded up our favorite budget friendly home updates.

Springtime offers a fresh perspective on your home, and a convenient time to consider updates that will refresh your abode. After the long stretch of winter, decor often starts to feel a little stale. While we’d love to adopt an “out with the old and in with the new” springtime mentality, budget often gets in the way of our best-laid design plans. Good thing we know ways to freshen your home without spending a fortune. And if you happen to be one of those lucky few with an unlimited budget, we’ve got you covered too!

Spend It On: Textiles and Pillows

You’ll be surprised how much textiles like throws and pillows can instantly transform any piece of furniture. Watch your sofa or bed get an instant makeover with a simple swap out of your old pillows and throws. Textiles offer an easy way to experiment with colors and patterns, and try new, on-trend designs. A fresh palette of textures and colors does wonders to punch up an otherwise tired aesthetic. Layering in soft pillows and blankets also adds a luxurious, cozy feel to furniture that feels inviting. The added benefit is that throws and pillows can easily be swapped out according to mood or season, and be placed anywhere around your home.


Spend It On: Lighting & Wall Decor

Lighting and wall decor are often neglected elements in home design that set the entire tone and ambiance in a room. If you’re searching for a showstopping way to transform both the look and feel of a room, start with lighting and wall decor. Lighting works to add key dimension into a space. Distinctive fixtures, whether by way of a tableside lamp or a dramatic pendant, offer a modern approach to adding personality into your design and create an entirely new atmosphere in your home. Wall decor is also a simple method to add individual flair into a space. Choose photographs or paintings to showcase your favorite art, or use a unique mirror to add some reflective shine to your walls.


Spend It On: Area Rugs

If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, area rugs make great investments that offer more design versatility than purchasing big-ticket furniture. A rug can be styled in any setting, and lays down the foundation to showcase furniture and your overall room design. Just like textiles and pillows, decorating with rugs is a smart way to change up the entire look of a room. Whether you choose a high pile shag rug for luxurious underfoot softness, or a bold, geometric patterned rug, rugs are an easy way to add style and visual impact to your floors. Rugs are versatile and can be changed from room to room.Try layering in small area rugs to create distinctive areas for different activities. 


Spend It On: Investment Furniture

If you’ve got money to spend, big-ticket items like a sofa or bed are investment furniture pieces worth splurging on. A sofa or bed becomes the focal point in any room, so choose high-quality furniture that is impeccably constructed and will last a lifetime. Classic styles in neutral fabrications are the best choice for furniture because they can be placed in any setting. Clean-lined furniture allows for more styling versatility that allows you to show off your individual style without worrying about outgrowing your furniture later down the line.


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