10 Decorating Must Haves For A Well-Styled Home

Decorating a home is a deeply personal experience. The space that you call home, be it a single-detached property in the suburbs, or a box apartment in the big city, is not only your refuge but it is also an extension of who you are.

Decorating a home is a deeply personal experience. The space that you call home, be it a single-detached property in the suburbs, or a box apartment in the big city, is not only your refuge but it is also an extension of who you are. The way that you style your home can affect your life tremendously.

While it might seem innocuous, your home’s decor plays a role in your overall wellness. According to studies, decor can affect your productivity and mood. Likewise, it can also alleviate anxiety and stress that you might be feeling. It is important for you to have a comfortable home that inspires you to do more and do better every day.

With that said, redecorating your home can be a big project especially if you don’t know where to start and hooker furniture brand help you. If you plan an overhaul, buying a few pieces can easily put you in the red. Thankfully, redecorating doesn’t necessarily entail spending thousands of dollars on a new sofa. There are a few small and affordable decorative must-haves that can transform the look of your space without any heavy lifting.

Below are a few essentials that you should keep on your to-buy list should you decide on a home revamp:

No Surprises Here: You Need a Plan

As with every project, there is no denying how important it is to have a plan. Especially if you are trying to redecorate within a budget, you don’t want to be distracted by decorative pieces that wouldn’t go with furniture that you currently have.

We promise that the next items on this list would be actual things that you could put in your cart. However, it is essential that you have a vision in your head before going down to the store and splurging. Pick a theme - it doesn’t necessarily have to be a color or an aesthetic. It can be the feeling you want the room to exude. Moreover, decide on a budget. Redecorating isn’t an excuse to go into debt. Be smart, draw out a plan, and make a list.

Nothing But Net: Free Throw (Pillows)


Throw pillows don’t seem all that exciting. However, you would be remiss to dismiss this decorative item as a non-essential. There is something about throw pillows that can instantly revamp a space without any hard labor or heavy lifting. It can make any boring sofa comfortable and inviting. You can place it on chairs, on benches, and even in baskets to add some spice into any room.

Not only are throw pillows decorative, but they are practical as well. For those who do not have the space or the budget to buy a sofa, floor pillows are great seating options that are affordable as well as stylish. Adding a couple to your living room would enable you to invite friends over without having to ask them to sit on the floor. Win-win!

A Rug Can Go a Long Way

Similar to flooring, rugs are often one of the most overlooked home decorative options. This is unfortunate especially considering how a rug has the ability to transform the overall vibe of a space. In fact, if you are living in a studio apartment, having an area rug is an effective way to divide your big space into sections.

Nevertheless, rugs can come in many forms. Whether it is a simple entryway welcome mat or a lavish Persian rug, this small addition can add layers and dimensions to any room. It is both beautiful and functional.  It doesn’t hurt that there is a rug that would fit any budget.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall


Adding a mirror in a tight space is probably one of the most well-known interior design tricks. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because this tip actually works. Mirrors reflect light and because they do, they give the optical illusion of space. This simple addition can make any dingy room look comfortable and inviting.

One of the best things about mirrors as decorative pieces is the fact that they can be added to every room in your home. A mirror in your living room can instantly brighten the area. Likewise, one in your bathroom can double as storage space.

Decorative pieces do not have to be expensive nor do they have to be purely for aesthetic. Mirrors are proof of that fact.

Deck it with Art

Have you ever been in a house that had bare walls? Doesn’t it feel daunting and uninviting? Like the people who live there do not intend on staying for a long time. While minimalism is popular for a reason, a space without art feels temporary.

Art is one of those simple things that can instantly transform a house into a home. You can tell a lot about a person based on the art he or she chooses to hang in his or her home.

With that said, you do not have to go out and buy an expensive painting in order to inject some art in your living space. A few frames from the local thrift store coupled with prints from local artists is enough to make your home stylish and beaming with personality.

Let there Be Light

Have Fun and Take Your Time

We cannot emphasize it enough - you don’t have to buy decorative pieces that are purely decorative. While a few trinkets are nice, if you have limited space, it doesn’t make sense to buy a sculpture with no other purpose than aesthetics.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home is a good way to decorate with purpose. Interesting lamps or even an art deco chandelier doesn’t only elevate an area but it is also utilitarian. You hit two birds with the same stone. Who doesn’t want that?

Look Smart, Decorate with Books

Decorating is fun. One of the things that make it fun is the fact that it gives you license to shop and spend. Most people find joy in shopping and as such, they find joy in revamping their home. Nevertheless, sprucing up your space doesn’t always have to entail a trip to the store. Decorating with the things that you already have is a fun and creative way to inject your personality in your home without spending a cent.

Using the books and the magazines that you have accumulated in your lifetime as decor is a good way to showcase your interests. You can display them through open shelving or even frame a couple of pages that you don’t mind tearing out. There are many options that do not require you to swipe your credit card.

It’s All About the Vase

Vases are timeless and there is a good chance that you already have one in storage. If you want to revamp your space it is high time that you dust that heirloom and display it for the world to see.

You can deck your vase however you want depending on the theme that you choose for the room that you are decorating. Fresh flowers, potpourri, fake succulents - the world is your oyster - go ham.

Bring the Outside In: Plants

Plants as decoration have been all the rage in the last few years and of course for good reason. Plants breathe life into any space. If you opt for real ones, they literally can improve the air quality in your home.

We do understand that not everyone has a green thumb. Thankfully, for those who are worried about killing their succulents, there are fake plants that look as real as the real thing.

Decorate with Love: Pictures and Mementos

If you live far away from home, keeping pictures of your loved ones as decorative pieces is a warm reminder that you are loved and the distance doesn’t matter as much. Your home has to be your safe space. Even if you are hundreds of miles away from the people that you love the most, having their pictures displayed is an easy way to foster a calming and relaxing vibe. It doesn’t cost much - just a printer and a few frames and you are good to go.

If there is anything we want you to take away from this article, it is the fact that interior design doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Having a stylish home is all about making smart decorative purchases. Redecorating is a fun activity that should be enjoyed! Don’t forget to enjoy the process and take your time.