Vintage-Inspired Nightstand Buying Guide

Looking for a nightstand, but not sure where to begin? Read our complete guide for tips on choosing the right height, material, and style for your bedroom refresh!

(Center) Hooker Furniture Ciao Bella Black Two-Drawer Nightstand and (Right) Sunpan Modern Home Zenn Brown / Brushed Gold One-Drawer Nightstand, both from LuxeDecor

Perhaps nowhere in our homes has evolved more in 2020 than the master bedroom. Our master bedrooms have become our conference rooms and home offices when a formal work space was unavailable. They have become places of respite from a long day’s work — and places for family Zoom calls. Hundreds of thousands of workers who were non-remote before the pandemic are expected to continue either in full or partial capacity working from home. As such, bedrooms must continue into 2021 — and perhaps indefinitely — to be multifunctional. However, bedrooms should always — first and foremost — be relaxing and true to the homeowner’s aesthetic and personality.

Heading into 2021 — a year many hope will be a fresh start — Americans are searching for a way to revitalize their master bedrooms. They hope to do so in a way that strikes the perfect balance between function and beauty. Interestingly, one way in which homeowners are doing this is by looking to vintage and antique-inspired design styles. This trend might mean that time at home has made us a bit more nostalgic. It might also reference our desire to turn towards more classic, enduring silhouettes as interest in sustainability gains ground. Either way, an exciting way to change up any master bedroom is to update nightstands. As one of the most heavily used pieces of furniture, the nightstand should be stylish and hardy. Follow our “Vintage-Inspired Nightstands Buying Guide” for steps to choosing the right perfect vintage-inspired piece you will love for years to come!

Three Steps to Choosing the Right Nightstand for Your Bedroom

#1 Consider the Size of Your Bedroom

(Right) Copeland Furniture Berkeley 24''W x 22''D Rectangular Two-Drawer Nightstand, from LuxeDecor

There are a few size-related elements to consider when choosing the perfect nightstand. You will need to consider how much space is available between your bed and the adjoining wall on one or more sides. You should also consider in which ways your bedside table must function due to the size of your space. For instance, a small bedroom might need a double-duty nightstand that can function either as a desk, a vanity or a chest of drawers. Your bedroom might only be able to fit a single nightstand on one side of the bed.

This might necessitate the purchase of a single, wider nightstand with enough space to hold each partner’s nighttime supplies. These items could include e.g. reading glasses, books, a laptop or even simply a bottle of moisturizer. How much extra storage you need in your bedroom will impact the size, shape and design of your nightstand. However, a larger bedroom might accommodate two full-sized nightstands with more streamlined aesthetics. This might be the case if additional storage is available in a closet, freestanding wardrobe or other unit. You should also keep the size of your bed in mind when choosing a nightstand. This will help you avoid dwarfing the smaller furniture units with the size of the bed — or vice versa.


#2 Keep in Mind Which Activities Are Important to You

(Right) Brownstone Furniture Palmer 32''W x 18''D Rectangular Mink Nightstand, from LuxeDecor

If you are hoping to leave electronics, books and other activities behind before going to bed, you might choose a sleek console table. Choosing a console table instead of a traditional nightstand will help avoid gathering clutter or objects that might tempt you. However, if you plan to work late into the night, you might want a nightstand that is a bit more robust. In this case, you might choose a nightstand boasting several drawers and a wide tabletop. When choosing your nightstand’s table-top material, it is best to consider how the nightstand will be used. If you tend to graze objects across the nightstand’s table-top, you might choose one of glass or metal rather than a carefully painted one.


#3 Match to the Height of Your Bed

(Left) Copeland Furniture Moduluxe-35 24''W x 18''D Rectangular One-Drawer Nightstand to Match Plinth Base Bed, from LuxeDecor

To avoid bumping your head, bruising your elbow or bumping your knee in the middle of the night, consider the height of your bed. The nightstand should be roughly the height of your mattress — or slightly taller. It should not be much taller — causing potential injuries — or much shorter than the mattress — causing you to miss when placing your water glass or book on the table-top. Experts recommend choosing a nightstand between sixteen and thirty-five inches tall — all depending on the height of your bed’s mattress.


How to Achieve the Vintage Interiors Trend with Your Own Vintage-Inspired Nightstand

(Center) Sunpan Modern Home Mixt Grey / Antique Brass One-Drawer Nightstand and (Right) Essentials for Living Traditions Rustic Java & Brushed Gold Two-Drawer Nightstand, both from LuxeDeco

European-inspired furniture can be found in each and every room of high-design homes around the country. Vintage European furniture trends have been all the rage over the past year. These vintage inspirations stem from everything from Danish Mid-Century Modern to French Art Deco and from Post-Modern Italian to ‘70s Spanish Modern. They can be found in the arms of sofas, the ferrules of table legs, the silhouettes of cabinetry and the materials used throughout. Nightstands — tiny, private and non-committal pieces of furniture — offer an exciting way in which to play with the vintage trend. We recommend finding a piece made of rattan, wicker or cane to allude to 1960s Italy. On the opposite end of the vintage spectrum, you might consider a sharp, monolithic piece to refer back to the Brutalist period. Either way, vintage-inspired nightstands are diverse and intriguing enough to suit any style! Follow below for a few pieces we love!


Danish Mid-Century Modern with a Contemporary Twist

(Center) Sunpan Modern Home Brown / Black Two-Drawer Nightstand and (Right) Sonder Distribution Durham Robust Walnut 22''W x 18''D Rectangular Two-Drawers Nightstand, both from LuxeDecor

Scandinavian interior design — and general philosophies for living from the region — have swept the United States over the last several years. From clean, sleek Scandi interiors to warm, soft Hygge interiors, interest in Scandinavian design aesthetics has risen to new heights amongst American consumers. Perhaps none is more popular, however, than Danish Mid-Century Modern. With its organic materials, sturdy structural designs and warm, neutral coloring, Danish Mid-Century Modern furniture offers history and personality. The familiarity and nostalgia associated with Mid-Century design seems to be one of its most attractive elements. However, the focus on natural materials has also made it covetable. In light of COVID-19, Americans have turned towards natural, organic materials that evoke the outdoors and what we perceive as a healthier environment.

To capture the vintage Danish Mid-Century Modern trend without spending top dollar purchasing — and then likely restoring — a true vintage piece, we recommend choosing a nightstand with contemporary elements and a red-hued wood. Our favorites are the Sunpan Modern Home Brown / Black Two-Drawer Nightstand and the Sonder Distribution Durham Robust Walnut Two-Drawers Nightstand. With their walnut, brass and leather elements, these two nightstands offer many of the aspects of a Danish Mid-Century Modern design. However, they still provide contemporary flair.


Antique English-Inspired with American Materials

(Center) Brownstone Furniture Davenport 28.5''L x 19''W Rectangular Ebony with Whisky Nightstand and (Right) Lillian August Casegoods Navy Blue / Brass One-Drawer Nightstand, from LuxeDecor

Campaign chests — antique, vintage, modern and contemporary — have been popular in high-end interiors for decades. Articles from interiors magazines boasting about the enduring, classic and impressively modern aesthetic of campaign chests abound. Each decade appears to revitalize popular interest in the sleek silhouette and antiqued hardware of early 20th century British campaign chests. To bring the trend into 2020, we recommend choosing a nightstand with a classic campaign chest silhouette juxtaposed against a contemporary color. Our favorites are Navy, Hunter Green and Blush Pink — all evocative of recent "Colors of the Year."

To achieve this look, we suggest considering the Lillian August Casegoods Navy Blue / Brass One-Drawer Nightstand. The Lillian August Casegoods Nightstand offers the classic campaign hardware while also providing a fresh new shade. For a fun twist on the British campaign chest with all the classic materials, we recommend the Brownstone Furniture Davenport Ebony with Whisky Nightstand. The Brownstone Nightstand boasts antique brass handles, brass caps on feet and solid walnut with walnut Crotch veneer drawer fronts.


1960s Italian-Esque with Extra Embellishments

(Center) Vintage-Inspired Tommy Bahama Twin Palms Cordoba Open Nightstand, available through LuxeDecor and (Right) 1960s Italian Dal Vera Bamboo Rattan Brass French Riviera Nightstands, 1stDibs

The 1960s was an incredible time in Italian design. By redefining the materials and aesthetics of modern furniture, interiors and architecture, Italians of the 1960s pushed the rest of the world forward. Designers like Gio Ponti, Osvaldo Borsani and Piero Fornasetti embraced streamlined aesthetics as consumers developed a taste for Mid-Century design. Multi-use pieces — sometimes with hidden drawers or unexpected auxiliary uses — became increasingly popular — as did unusual materials like rattan, cane, parchment, iron, bamboo and glass. It was during this period that furniture became more sculptural and abstract in form, making each item just as artistic as it was functional. Above, are two nightstands that evoke this period of design.

The Italian Mid-Century Modern nightstand on the right dates from the 1960s and was created by the manufacturer Dal Vera. Dal Vera was famous for high-quality, often bespoke furniture pieces throughout the 20th century. The 1960s nightstand boasts a bamboo frame with rattan drawer face and tabletop. On the left is the contemporary Tommy Bahama Twin Palms Cordoba Open Nightstand, available through LuxeDecor. This stunning vintage-inspired piece evokes the silhouette and materials of the 1960s piece without any of the wear and tear. The Tommy Bahama nightstand features a custom-cut, hand-polished White Cordova stone top and leather wrapped rattan moldings. It also includes a raffia drawer, front and end panel as well as antique brass finished metal ferrules. We love the Tommy Bahama piece for its sleek design, elevated accents — e.g. the leather wrapped rattan moldings and custom-cut Cordova stone top.

Add a bit of vintage- or antique-inspired flair to your home's interior without sacrificing contemporary style by choosing one of the nightstands mentioned above! Happy shopping!