Outdoor Furniture Covers Buying Guide

Patio furniture covers protect your outdoor furniture from outdoor elements when they are not in use. Learn more about patio furniture cover features and the different types of covers available.

Patio furniture covers are essential in maintaining the longevity of your outdoor furniture on days when not in use. Premium outdoor furniture is an investment, and patio furniture covers help to preserve the integrity of your outdoor furniture including finish and color. The following guide helps you determine top-quality outdoor furniture covers to maximize the durability of your outdoor furniture and keep your outdoor furniture looking like new for years.


Outdoor Furniture Cover Features


Top-quality covers are engineered with premium fabrics that are water-repellant that ensures superior performance against moisture. Moisture, including precipitation and humidity, can lead to corrosion which affects the integrity of metal, wood, and plastic outdoor furniture.

Ventilation Vents

Proper ventilation ensures that mold and mildew do not develop on outdoor furniture, whether it is made from wood or plastic. Be sure to look for patio furniture covers that are constructed from breathable material that is UV treated. This ensures that the cover shell will protect against sun exposure, as well as, moisture.

Reinforced Seams

Premium outdoor furniture covers reveal seams that are double-stitched, which ensure that covers will not rip or tear over time. Seam reinforcement means double-duty wear protection, so that patio covers last just as long to protect your outdoor furniture.

Secured Fastening

Long-lasting protection means that patio covers are fastened securely so that it doesn’t fall or blow away in windy conditions. Top-quality covers usually feature several methods to reinforce a secure fit, so that outdoor furniture covers stay in place to cover and protect furniture. They include:

  • Elastic edging
  • Drawstrings
  • Reinforced ties and tie-downs
  • Zippers


Outdoor Furniture Cover Types

LuxeDecor recommends purchasing the corresponding outdoor furniture covers specially designed by the manufacturer of your outdoor furniture. This ensures the perfect fit for your cover to properly protect your outdoor furniture. General measurements and types can help determine the correct cover for each piece of outdoor furniture.


Height: Measure from the ground to the top of the back of the seat to assess depth
Width: Measure left-to-right distance across entire width of seating surface, including arms
Length: Measures front-to-back distance across seating surface from back to the end of the leg rest


Height: Measure from the ground to the top of the table
Length: Measures front-to-back distance from edge to opposite edge of table top
Width: Measure left-to-right distance from edge to opposite edge of table top


Height: Measure from the ground to the top of umbrella