Outdoor Chairs Buying Guide

Including furniture in the backyard of your home is a practical and effective approach to utilizing the extra space found outside your house walls.

Outdoor Chairs Buying Guide

Outdoor chairs are typical furniture homeowners like to add to their home patios or backyards.

They provide an extra set of sitting spaces to accommodate visitors so they can enjoy the beautiful environment around your neighborhood. Selecting the ideal set of outdoor chairs for your home is not as simple as most homeowners tend to view it. There are significant aspects to consider when deciding, like the color and design of the chairs, to create the ideal environment that weds with your exterior setup.

This is a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about outdoor chairs; why you need them, factors to consider before purchasing, and the various designs available.

Why You Need Outdoor Chairs on Your Patio

All patio lovers can attest to the value of including furniture in your outdoor layout as it provides numerous advantages. You get to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the fresh smell of flowers all in comfort of a great chair. Here are other reasons why you may want outdoor chairs on your patio:

You Get to Spend More Time Outdoors

One of the significant reasons outdoor chairs are ideal on your patio is that they allow you to spend more fun time outside. Did you know that spending time outside your home has a positive impact on your thinking skills?

Compared to staying indoors, the outdoors engages you in various activities like playing with your kids, which improves your physical and mental well-being. Being aware of the extended environment also enhances your senses and how well you interpret your observations.

Improves Your Homes General Appeal

Installing the ideal outdoor furniture set is among the most practical approaches to improving the general appeal of your living space. Several aspects are involved in creating the perfect setup, including your arrangement and the type of furniture installed. For example, for a more entertaining space, you can have a sofa and some small tables on your patio.


Regardless of how good-looking your outdoor furniture may look, it still needs to accommodate your specific needs. To solve the issue of functionality, you will need to determine how you plan to use your furniture. For example, if you plan to host visitors in your garden, will the chairs be adequate and comfortable enough to accommodate them?

What Types of Outdoor Chairs are Available for my Patio?

Several types of outdoor chairs are available, and the primary difference between each is the material used. They serve specific purposes and are designed for certain environmental conditions. One outdoor chair may feature a rugged look, proving ideal for harsh outdoor environments, while another is more geared towards a warm climate. The option you select should have the quality to withstand all the seasons and remain in near-perfect condition.

Upholstered Garden Furniture

Upholstered garden furniture is among the most popular furniture options for your patio. If you are looking to bring an indoor vibe to your patio, then selecting furniture from this category will be the best option. Using them on your deck will guarantee no hanging chairs while delivering the highest standard of upholstery for the best setting possible.

Style and comfort are the most significant benefits associated with using upholstered furniture as your outdoor components. When it comes to outdoor comfort, no design can beat upholstery. The only cause of concern is durability. Upholstered garden furniture features a shorter lifespan than its wooden counterparts, and protective covers may help improve this limiting aspect.

Metal Garden Furniture

Homeowners also find comfort in using metal garden furniture to create an ideal environment for their home's outdoor space. Metal-made furniture is the best option to bring out an aesthetic and industrial vibe that can fit several excellent layouts and settings. The good thing about them is the available colors and finishes, giving you a customization advantage over other alternatives.

Strength is another factor that seems to attract homeowners to metal. Another advantage is that their weight makes them immune to windy conditions, freeing you from the worries of having your furniture blown away.

The primary downside to using metal for your outdoor furniture is rust, which facilitates wearing out the components. Many cheap metals featuring inefficient coatings will rust quickly once exposed to moisture and sunlight, so concentrate more on the quality over other aspects. Pair your metallic chairs with seat pads since they can be cold and uncomfortable, especially in the early mornings.

Wood Garden Furniture

Wood is the most common material for making furniture, and it has stood the test of time as the most popular material in this industry. Having wooden outdoor chairs on your patio boasts a natural beauty that most individuals who love the outdoors seem to relate to. Furniture made from wood gives off a relaxed vibe, resulting in a refined appeal to your environment.

Different types of wood are used in making outdoor furniture, each with unique characteristics fitting various applications. Garden furniture mostly features dense hard woods because of its durability and natural resistance to extreme outdoor climate conditions. Examples of common dense woods include cedar, redwood, and teak. The primary disadvantage of these options is that they are heavily susceptible to rotting, warping, and fungal infections, which affect the quality of the furniture over time.

Rattan Garden Furniture

For homeowners who like the premium look, rattan-made garden furniture is your best bet. Nowadays, manufacturers use weather-resistant synthetic substitutes instead of the previously used woven palms when making this furniture type. These types of chairs are designed to upgrade your space by celebrating casual beauty and creating the ideal environment for relaxation.

One significant advantage is that rattan guarantees you a natural finish and is available in multiple color options. The material is also insensitive to temperature and moisture, promising you low maintenance and care costs. You can also arrange your patio without extra help, since rattan chairs are lightweight, and you can experiment with different layouts easily. Storage is the only concern, since most of them come in boxy silhouettes, requiring substantial storage space.

Rope Garden Furniture

Rope garden furniture features a unique design that involves using strengthened cords over durable metal frames. The weaved pattern looks great visually but also has structural integrity. Outdoor chairs usually feature an upholstered seat surface area and a rope design to provide extra comfort on the back support.

Its lightweight attribute is among the most significant advantages of integrating the rope element into your outdoor furniture. The feel provided by furniture with a metallic frame and an outdoor rope finish fits most modern garden settings. It guarantees that you will enjoy the intriguing textural quality. Avoid using furniture featuring this material if you have pets and small children, as they may get their legs or arms stuck in between the slats.

What to Consider When Buying Outdoor Chairs


Weather is probably the most crucial aspect to consider when deciding which outdoor chairs to buy for your patio. Consider how hot or dry it gets and how intense the midday sun is to understand what furniture types are best. Outdoor exposure is a concern that has significant adverse effects on all furniture placed outside. Note that different climatic conditions affect the materials uniquely.

Moisture is notorious for promoting rot and rust, while hot and dry conditions will make your wood furniture more susceptible to cracks and splinters. Another scenario to be wary of is strong winds, which can blow away aluminum and metallic chairs, leading to injuries and property damage. Select an option that best goes with the climatic conditions of your area.

Outdoor Space

Space is another concern you should consider before deciding on the outdoor furniture for your home. Measure your outdoor space and design several viable arrangements compatible with your space, taking into account the shape of the space and furniture needs. Most importantly, ensure that you have sufficient walking space around the furniture to promote comfort and accessibility.

Where to Place the Furniture

The spot where you will place your outdoor chair set also needs to be considered before buying the furniture. Some outdoor spaces feature some overhead equipment protecting against various harmful weather elements, while others feature a wooden deck. Considering this factor helps you to make a more informed decision and select the best match to suit your surroundings.


The budget you have for buying your outdoor chairs also plays a significant role in your decision. It is not always the case that expensive options feature the best quality; some cheaper options end up outliving chairs with a higher price tag. Those tight on a budget should take advantage of specific store discounts and price cuts available during the onset of the fall season.

Storage Space

Considering your furniture's storage space is a factor, but most homeowners shopping for outdoor furniture tend to ignore it. You need to make room to store your furniture during specific seasons like winter to help reduce wear derived from harsh weather conditions. The ideal storage space should have enough room to accommodate the furniture sets and other items like pillows and cushions. If you have limited storage space, you can consider foldable options or protective covers.


Buying chairs for your outdoor space helps towards improving the general appeal of your home. It also holds other significant advantages, like utilizing the additional space outside your house walls for specific outdoor activities. Following the tips and instructions in this guide will go a long way in simplifying your buying process and helping you make an informed decision.