Living Room Chairs Buying Guide

Your home's interior appearance matters a great deal, especially in terms of the comfort and warmth you create as well as how visitors perceive your home.

Living Room Chairs - Buying Guide

The living room is an essential part of the home because it is accessed by almost everyone who enters the larger space. Besides that, having the right living room chairs ensures the proper functionality of this most important room. But choosing living room chairs that fully satisfy your needs can be tough, there are so many choices. This article will guide you and give you the guidance you need to make a good buying decision.

Benefits of Buying New Chairs for Your Living Room

Having ideal furniture in your living room has more advantages than you can imagine. And although buying new furniture can be an expensive proposition, you also can enjoy the following benefits:

Increased Property Value

You may be currently living in your home but may have plans to resell the property in the near future. If you desire the best price on the market, you should understand that the condition of the furniture is among the first considerations that potential buyers will make. Beautiful living room chairs will also ensure that the asking price for your home is high. In such a case, you gain bargaining power in the real estate market.

Improved Durability

One of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner is replacing your old living room furniture. Today, manufacturers have developed dining chairs that can withstand falling objects, spills, and human traffic. As such, you can save a substantial amount on repairs and replacements.

Enhancing Comfort

Comfort is essential with living room chairs, and lack of it can reflect poorly when friends and family visit you. Additionally, having uncomfortable living room chairs can cause some health issues, especially mobility challenges due to the affected joints, muscles, and backbone. Therefore, having new and comfortable chairs affects your physical health and that of your family, which can later save on medical expenses.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The main benefit of getting quality living room chairs is that you will spend little money on maintenance and keeping them clean. But be vigilant about the kind of material you choose for your chairs. Some upholstered materials are easy to vacuum and wipe clean, but they are highly susceptible to wear and tear. Additionally, if the furniture is made of wood, the polish you use will be determined by the finish applied to the chair.

Match Your Home’s Existing Interior

The furniture you choose for your living room is mainly dependent on your home's interior design, especially the colors. The room will appear much better with chairs that match its décor. Fortunately, you can find living room chairs designed in an old-fashioned or ultramodern look in today's market. Matching such furniture with the home's interior creates a feeling of satisfaction and is eye-catching.

Personal Pride

Every homeowner will have a sense of personal pride to see that their savings and budgets have paid off in terms of new living room chairs. Such an investment is an accomplishment that you can be proud of, too. Moreover, nothing says ‘welcome home’ after a long day more than the new and comfy furniture in your living room.

Best Living Room Chair Features to Consider

In this section, we’ll cover ten of the most common living room chair designs to help you make an informed decision. Reviewing this information will help ensure that you have the right chairs in your home. Here are the important features:

The Arm

You will find living room seats with arms and those that are armless. In this case, you have to be clear about the type of chair you want to include in your living space. The decision you make depends on how comfortable you want your seats to be.

The Incline

The comfort of a seat depends on what its inclination angle is. The inclination angle corresponds with how far your back leans on the chair to make it comfortable. Some seat backs are steep, and others are gentle, it just depends on your preferences.

Stationery or Not

You may have come across living room sofa sets and chairs that swing from side to side. Such items can bring a cool design aesthetic to the living room and they make it easy to clean the room. However, stationery furniture is steadier and can last longer.

The Legs

Your living room’s floor lifespan depends on the shape of your furniture’s legs. Besides that, your preferences and tastes determine what kind of legs you want your furniture to have.


Most living room chairs have an upholstered material that covers its top. In such a case, think about the cleaning aspect of the seat. Is the material easy to vacuum and wipe clean? It is also vital to understand that some upholstered materials are easy to vacuum and clean, but they are highly susceptible to wear and tear.

Factors to Consider When Buying Living Room Chairs

Your needs, tastes, preferences, and budget are all important. That is why it is essential to individualize your needs and be specific about the exact seats you want to have in your living room. The following factors are explained to ensure that you make an informed decision. Read through them to help you understand which living room chairs will satisfy your needs:

The Cost

The price of your living room chairs and any extra expenses play a significant role in the kind of living room chairs you get for your home. The best way to go about this is by having a well-detailed budget showing how much you are willing to spend. Thankfully, there are living room chairs for all types of budgets.

Besides the buying price, you should be vigilant of any added costs, such as transportation and installation. Additionally, you can choose chairs that you can move into your house by yourself without the need to hire professional living room installers.

Your Living Room's Size

The size of the room determines which kind and size of furniture you can add to it. It would be unwise to bring in oversized chairs for a small living room, and vice versa. Understanding the room's size means you also need to consider the space available for walking around the room.

Additionally, think about how the chairs go with the sofa in the room. The best approach to this is to measure the sofa's size from the ground and its arm's and seat's length and width. Then, consider getting a living room seat that is proportionally sized right with the sofa. Besides the chair’s size, you should consider its shape and pick one that will give you enough allowance to move around the room.

Level of Comfort

Comfort is the third factor to consider when getting living room chairs. You do not want to get a seat that will contribute to issues with your joint, muscle, and backbone health and that of your family. If your budget allows it, you should consider getting chairs that come with armrests and footrests. Additionally, swivel seats are among the most comfortable options. Such seats will enable you to comfortably pick something from the table or swing around to talk to someone sitting beside you. You also have the option of adding a rocking chair to your living room.

The Material

The main reason for considering the material is to know how easy it will be to maintain and clean the chairs. You should remember that as much as beauty and aesthetics are essential, the main consideration should be the functionality and durability of the material you choose. A perfect example is a white and plush chair, it might be pretty, but it can be a dangerous choice, especially if there are children and pets that can cause damage to the chair.

One of the best material choices is leather, especially a darker type. This material is durable, stylish, easy to clean, and wears well as it gets old. Another great alternative is to have your living room seats upholstered in outdoor materials that can withstand the impact of the sun's rays, water, and stains.

The Interior Design

As you choose a living room chair, you should have the room's interior design in mind. Matching the two can help you create an aesthetically appealing space in your home, which can ensure your friends, neighbors, and other visitors enjoy their time there. Consider the colors and style of the room and think about which chair colors will compliment the existing items in the room.

Sometimes, working with a professional interior designer is a good idea, they can guide you on the living room chair styles that best suit your needs. Designers have deep knowledge of trending styles in interior designs and which furniture best suits your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Buying chairs for your living room can be a fun but also a bit of work. The comprehensive information in this Guide paints a clear picture of the benefits, the features and other factors you need to consider to ensure you buy the specific chairs to satisfy your home design needs.