Kitchen Storage Buying Guide: Buffets, Sideboards, Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you cook and eat meals with family members or friends. The kitchen also serves as a gathering place for socializing and entertaining guests.

Kitchen Storage Buying Guide: Buffets, Sideboards, Cabinets

If you want to make sure that your kitchen stays organized and functional, it helps if you have some storage options in mind before buying new appliances and furniture.

This Kitchen Storage Buying Guide will help you find what you need when shopping for cabinets, sideboards, and buffets.

Benefits of Having an Efficient Kitchen Storage System:

You can enjoy many of the benefits that come with updating your kitchen storage system. This is not a complete list, but it will get you thinking about the reasons for your remodeling:

Accessibility - A kitchen storage system should be organized so that your items are easy to find. For example, if you have cabinets with pull-out trays and drawers, then it’s easier to grab what you need in a quick and timely fashion.

Easy to Use - Kitchen cabinets should be designed in a way that makes them easy to open and close. You don’t want kitchen cabinets with doors that are difficult to operate. In some cases, you may have kitchen cabinets that are too cumbersome to move around independently.

Utilization of Available Space - Kitchen storage systems provides valuable space for kitchen items. Cabinets with sliding drawers offer you more storage options than kitchen cabinets without them. For example, kitchen cabinets with pull-out trays give the feel of having a second kitchen countertop for your favorite kitchen appliances or supplies.

Versatility - Kitchen cabinets should also complement the kitchen’s overall design and decor. Consider buying kitchen cabinets that have glass doors, soft-closing drawers, or custom-painted finish for kitchen aesthetics.

Types of Kitchen Storage Systems

You’ll find a wide range of kitchen storage systems on the market. Each offers features that can positively impact how you work alone or with a team of cooks.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the most common kitchen storage system. They come with or without doors. Some kitchen cabinets combine both features to give you more flexibility when cooking and entertaining.

Side-by-side kitchen cabinet - This features two side-by-side kitchen cabinets with doors. It offers you lots of kitchen storage space and easy access to kitchen items. If you need extra kitchen storage space, then side-by-side kitchen cabinets may be your best bet. However, if you have a small kitchen, then side-by-side kitchen cabinets can be bulky and take up more kitchen space than you need.

Interior kitchen cabinet - Install this kitchen storage system inside your kitchen cabinetry or sideboards. This option allows you to add more kitchen storage space without taking up as much kitchen room as side-by-side kitchen cabinets. For example, an interior kitchen cabinet can serve as a wine rack or kitchen pantry.

Cabinet with wine rack - This kitchen cabinet is designed just for storing wine bottles and glasses. If you love having an ample supply of wine in your kitchen, then a kitchen cabinet with a built-in wine rack may be the kitchen storage system that’s right for you. However, if you only drink the occasional glass of wine, then kitchen cabinets with a wine rack may take up more kitchen storage space than you want.

Cabinet with sink - Kitchen cabinets with a built-in kitchen sink are often installed in kitchen island designs. This kitchen storage system is prevalent among homeowners who love to do all their cooking and baking at home.

Sideboard Cabinets

Sideboard cabinets are kitchen storage systems that have doors. They come with shelves, and you can use them as extra kitchen countertop space or store kitchen items.

Banquette kitchen sideboards - This kind of kitchen sideboard provides sufficient kitchen storage for your kitchen needs while still adding character to your kitchen design. Sideboards also come with kitchen countertop space.

Buffet kitchen sideboards - A buffet kitchen sideboard includes two kitchen cabinets with doors that are attached to each other. Some come with drawers and shelves, while others come only with shelves for kitchen storage. A buffet kitchen sideboard also provides more kitchen storage but may take up more kitchen room than kitchen cabinets with doors.

Buffet Cabinets

Buffet kitchen cabinets are kitchen storage systems that have doors. They are also usually made up of two kitchen cabinets stacked on top of each other with drawers installed in the bottom kitchen cabinet. If you want kitchen storage space that can double as extra kitchen countertop space, then a buffet kitchen cabinet may be your best kitchen storage option.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Buffets, Sideboards, and Cabinets

A new kitchen storage system is a significant home remodeling purchase, so do your homework.

Measure Your Kitchen - Ensure that you understand the kitchen sideboard or buffet cabinet size that you need before making your kitchen design choices.

Find Reputable Brands - Look at kitchen cabinets, sideboards, and buffets available online from kitchen design companies. Check out their customer reviews. Read what they say about the design quality and customer service. Then, if you like what you see on their website, call them to get a brochure so that you can look at their products in person. Do this for several brands.

Functional Space - Kitchen buffets, sideboards, and cabinets that have doors are the most space-efficient kitchen storage system. If you don’t mind kitchen cabinets with doors taking up the kitchen room, this kitchen storage option is right for you. However, if you have a small kitchen or need to maximize your kitchen storage space, kitchen cabinets with drawers are an excellent kitchen storage option.

Storage Space - Kitchen storage systems come with different kitchen storage options, such as kitchen countertop space or shelves. If you need a kitchen where all family members can access their cupboard or drawer for kitchen items they frequently use, kitchen cabinets with drawers are the kitchen storage systems you need. They usually come with kitchen shelves too.

Styles - Kitchen buffets, sideboards, and cabinets come in many different kitchen designs. You can choose kitchen sideboards that best fit the style of your kitchen. For example, if you have a modern kitchen design, contemporary kitchen buffets and sideboards are suitable for your kitchen—select kitchen sideboards, cabinets, and buffets that best fit in with the kitchen design of your home.

Design - Kitchen sideboards and buffets can be purchased in different kitchen designs and colors, making them suitable for any kitchen style or design that you want to follow. You should select kitchen storage systems that match your kitchen’s kitchen design and color scheme.

Door Styles - The kitchen sideboard storage system that you choose should complement your kitchen door design and kitchen cabinet storage system. For example, if you have French doors for the kitchen cabinets in your kitchen, then adding a kitchen sideboard with French doors to match is an excellent kitchen storage solution.

Cost - Kitchen sideboards, kitchen storage systems, and kitchen buffet storage systems are available at a wide range of prices. You can find kitchen sideboards and kitchen cabinets that match your budget. However, it is best to buy kitchen sideboards and kitchen cabinets used or from reputable home improvement stores so you can save money on your kitchen design remodeling project.

Extra Features & Accessories to Consider

You can add extra features and accessories to customize your kitchen for added functionality and beauty. These accessories can be well worth the investment if they make your kitchen life more manageable.

Breadboards - Perfect for storing kitchen accessories or food products. They are often found on kitchen cabinets because they provide more kitchen countertop space.

Wine Racks - Adds kitchen storage space, countertop space, and cabinet organization. They are perfect for kitchen wine bottles.

Lazy Susans - Helps kitchen cooking and kitchen food storage space become more kitchen organized. It allows you to access kitchen items in the corners of your kitchen cabinets with ease. You can add a Lazy Susan to each kitchen cabinet or just one in your kitchen sideboard.

Mirrors - Make your kitchen cabinets and sideboards look more attractive. They also allow you to see what is in your kitchen cabinets without opening them.

Glass-front Drawers - Allow you to see kitchen items easily. You can use a glass front for kitchen storage systems such as kitchen cabinets or kitchen sideboards with shelves.

Glass-Door Kitchen Storage Systems - Add kitchen style and kitchen organization to your kitchen sideboard or kitchen cabinet. They are also great for adding a touch of elegance to the walls of your kitchen or home.

Drawer Organizers - Helps kitchen sideboards and kitchen cabinets become more kitchen organized. Adding kitchen drawer organizers to your kitchen sideboard or kitchen cabinet allows you to separate items into categories such as kitchen utensils, kitchen dishes, cooking tools, and food products. Kitchen Drawer Organizers are also commonly used in kitchen cabinets.

Pull-out Trash Cans - A pull-out kitchen trash can is a great way to hide the garbage until you are ready to empty it. Pull-out cans can buffer smells, which attract flies, other insects, and rodents.

Roll-out Shelves - Great kitchen storage for utensils or supplies. They can be built into kitchen cabinets or kitchen sideboards with a flip of your finger.

Roll-out Drawer Organizers - Available in different sizes and kitchen designs. These kitchen organizers help you organize all the kitchen utensils that are necessary to complete specific kitchen projects.

Roll-out Spice Racks - Available in designs to match cabinets and kitchen design. They can store kitchen spices, oils, and cans of food products on kitchen shelves or sideboards.

Kitchen Dish Drawers - Great storage solution for all the kitchen dishes your family uses regularly.

Kitchen Lighting - Adds a touch of kitchen style to your kitchen sideboard or buffet and provides better lighting over the kitchen sideboard or buffet for easy cooking.

Knobs & Pulls - Knobs and pulls add character to your kitchen sideboards or buffet furniture.

Bevels & Carvings - Kitchen sideboards and buffets with kitchen cabinet storage systems with doors, such as contemporary kitchen cabinets or modern kitchen cabinets, usually come in different bevel and carving designs. The kitchen sideboard storage system you select should complement your kitchen cabinets’ bevel and carving kitchen design.

Final Thoughts

While kitchen cabinets are a staple solution for most kitchens, sideboard and buffet cabinets can provide additional functionality. Consumers have many options when they decide to remodel their outdated kitchens. The best solutions will offer a gourmet kitchen experience, kitchen cabinet storage systems that they can use to entertain guests and kitchen sideboard storage systems for extra space.