Floor Lamps Buying Guide

Decorating a house can be a bit tiresome, and that's why professional help is necessary. Some homeowners are good at hiring the best interior designers.

Floor Lamps Buying Guide

However, one thing that tends to be underrated with all of this home design are the all-important floor lamps. It is essential to understand that floor lamps play a significant role, as much as other decorative features in fact, in transforming your house into a home.

Most importantly, floor lamps play a big role in lighting the room and adding to the aesthetic beauty and setting the mood of the entire house. As such, choosing the best floor lamp is an essential task that needs careful thought.

To make your work easier, we have prepared this floor lamp buying guide to give you tips on choosing the right lamp for your house.

Why Buy A Floor Lamp?

Why do you need a floor lamp? What is the intended purpose? It is essential to answer this question honestly. If you want to buy this lamp because your neighbor has one, it is better not to buy it. This is because you are likely to end up with the wrong type of floor lamp.

Some people buy floor lamps for decorative purposes, others for ambient lighting, and others for reading purposes.

  • Ambient light floor lamp: It is a reflected light resulting from light bouncing back after hitting a wall, usually the ceiling. It radiates strong light enough to light the whole room. This should be your best option if you need a floor lamp to add more light to the room.
  • Tasks floor lamps: Are you looking for a floor lamp that can provide the best lighting for reading purposes? Tasks floor lamps are your best alternative. There are numerous options to choose from, both with an upwards/downward shade.
  • Floor lamps for decorative purposes: These are the type of floor lamps that are less functional and instead play a significant role in adding aesthetic beauty to your home.

Irrespective of the purpose of buying floor lamps, some distinctive features make them different from other lamps.

Distinctive Features Of Floor Lamps

v USB in-built charging port: For easy charging, most floor lamps come with an in-built USB port allowing the user to charge your device easily.

v Double pull chains: It provides two levels of light without the use of a dimmer. Thus, you can easily regulate the amount of light needed to illuminate the room.

v In-built dimmers: Floor lamps are well known for having built-in dimmers. This allows you to regulate the number of light levels easily. Some of these floor lamps are fitted with a switch knob dimmer or a line cord foot dimmer.

For instance, when watching a movie, you may require dim lighting, and this feature allows you to achieve that.

v Floor lamp sets: Do you have larger rooms in your house? The floor lamp sets provide an easy and faster way to unify the space visually.

v Space-saving designs: Are you looking for lamps that will not occupy much of your space in the room? Go for a floor lamp with a table or shelf design. Such a feature provides the user with a lump for lighting and provides space for simple items like remote, drinks, etc.

Imagine having such a floor lamp next to your sofa? You do not need a stool next to you to place your time killer drink. It has already been provided.

v Adjustable features: Are you searching for a lamp whose height can be adjusted to suit your needs? Consider floor lamps. Most of these lamps have an adjustable feature that allows you to raise or lower the height.

Benefits Of Using Floor Lamps

v Provide additional lighting: Floor lamps are an excellent choice for providing additional lighting to your house. Do you want to make your dining area or living room more appealing and set an exciting mood? Floor lamps can help you achieve that.

v It is versatile: You can easily change the lamp's location to a more suitable position from time to time. As such, you are up for enjoying different shades of lighting from time to time, making your home less boring.

v Adds aesthetic beauty: Floor lamps not only do they provide additional lighting but also make your room more appealing. More so, the decorative floor lamps are basically for adding aesthetic beauty to your home by offering minimal lighting but excellently illuminating the room with different colors and designs. Thus, it is a great piece of art.

v They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Every consumer has a different taste in the size, shape, and color of the lamps. Floor lamps provide the user with an option of selecting the best fit for their house.

v Enhance the mood of the room: The floor lamp provides soft and soothing lighting, making the room appear appealing and cheerful. Besides, the modern floor lamps are stylish, giving your room a new stylish and elegant appearance that sets a new and exciting mood altogether.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Floor Lamps

v Cost of the lamp

How much does the floor lamp cost? Is it within your budget? Some floor lamps are more expensive than others. While going for what is within your budget is the best logical decision, it, however, can be disappointing if you buy cheap lamps. The cheaper it is, the higher the chances of breakage and thus, requiring repair. It is best to wait or pay a little bit more for a better lamp rather than get disappointed in the future.

v The purpose of the floor lamp

Given the different types of floor lamps for diverse purposes in the market, it is essential to understand why you need the floor lamp. Is it for aesthetic beauty, for reading, or for adding additional lighting? Your purpose will determine the type of floor light best suitable for your needs. Based on your budget, it is also possible to mix different lamps for different purposes. For instance, you can buy a floor lamp for beauty together with others for additional lighting or reading.

v The size of the room

While you can have as many lamps as you want, the size of the room is a constraint factor. If you have minimal space left, consider reducing the number of floor lamps and buying those with a smaller base.

Similarly, it is essential to consider the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling of your room is low, buying a tall floor lamp is not an option. Also, if there is a lot of overhead space, a short floor lamp will not provide the right ambient light.

Thus, as you consider the surface area, take a tape measure and determine the height of the ceiling. This will ensure that you get the right floor lamp that perfectly fits your room.

v The current décor and design of the room

Before purchasing a floor lamp, it is essential to consider how well it will fit the room décor. Floor lamps come with different base materials like brass, wood, marble, and color. Get floor lamps that perfectly match the room décor in terms of color and style.

v The number of floor lamps in a room

How many floor lamps do you need in a room? Generally, more than a one-floor lamp gives better illumination than relying on a single overhead light. However, a single floor lamp can be enough for a small room, since these kinds of lamps tend to reflect bright light.

v Compatibility with other lamps

How compatible are the floor lamps going to be with another type of lighting? It is a significant factor to consider before purchasing floor lamps. You want to ensure that the light of your new lamp does not contrast with the permanent house lighting. This raises the question of where you plan to stop the floor lamps. Generally, avoid placing them too close to the other types of lamps as they radiate strong light in all directions.

v The brightness of the floor lamp

The brightness of the floor lamp will be determined by the type of bulb you choose. Since floor lamps use different types of bulbs, there exist inconsistencies with the wattage and brightness level. While generally, floor lamps are brighter than table lamps, the inconsistency based on the bulb used makes all the difference. Thus, it is essential to consider the brightness level before purchasing, ensuring it meets your desire.

Similarly, the brightness can be affected by the color of the lampshade. A dark-colored lampshade will block a lot of lighting, a lot of blocking the brightness of the floor lamp and vice versa.

v Floor lamp material

The material of the floor lamp determines its versatility. Thus, it is essential to consider purchasing the right quality material for your lamp. These best floor lamps are made of wood, brass, marble, rattan, or grass. Either of these choices is a good one.

v Floor lamp shape

Most floor lamps come with a lampshade. However, these lampshade features are not permanent and can be changed to suit client desires. The shapes range from square, rectangular, or rounded shapes. In most cases, rounded shaped lampstands best fit curved floor lamps. On the other hand, square or rectangular-shaped lampshades are the best fit for straight.

Types Of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps fall under different categories, like task lighting, decorative lighting, and ambient lighting. As such, there are numerous types of floor lamps available in the market. In this section, we will look at a few of these numerous types of floor lamps.

v Torchiere Lamp

The torchiere lamp is excellent for enhancing ambient light in the room. The light reflects on the ceiling and bounces back, casting out more light into the room. They are excellent for additional lighting and not task lighting.

v Floor table lamp

This type of lamp is fitted with a table at the center. It is an excellent choice, especially if you have less room in the house. It offers a space for placing a few items like a remote, a cup of coffee, and the like. It also brings an artistic look compared to having a separate table stand and a lamp on it.

v Swing Arm Lamp

With this floor lamp type, you can easily adjust it up and down to meet your needs. Similarly, you can move and make it focus on a particular area of interest.

v Tower Lamp

A tower lamp multitasks. When put on, it lit brightly, illuminating the room. When the lamp is off, it casts out a gentle glow in the room and resembles a piece of art that enhances the room's beauty.

v Arcing Floor Lamp

Arcing floor lamp is suitable for lighting the entire sitting surface like a whole couch. Also, it can be used on a dining table.

Final Thoughts

So there you go! You have now gained important buying tips that will guide you in making the right floor lamp purchase for your home. Your purpose for buying floor lamps will play a significant role in the type of lamp you buy.