Game Room Buying Guide

What makes a happy home for you and your family? And why? Are you craving new and fresh and fun home ideas, and sprinkles of inspiration and can-do information?

Build a Game Room in Style - Buying Guide

We welcome you to our Game Room Buying Guide. You’ve come to the right place for the information and insights and inspiration you’ll want – and need.

Close your eyes for a moment and just think: a unique and stylish Game Room, right in your home, filled with color and light and unforgettable family nights. … and just plain fun. Like the idea? Let us help you succeed in creating that knock-out Game Room that will be used and enjoyed by all..

The Many Benefits of Building a Stylish Game Room

Let’s face it: we live in an online life – and that includes gaming. Let’s roll with it and keep on task. Masterminding a fun and stylish Game Room in your home that the entire family will use and enjoy is just the 21st century ticket you need. How special. And essential.

Your at-home Game Room extends the special opportunity to bring the family together, and family friends as well, in order to spend fun and quality time together. Your unique Game Room is a celebration of you and your family, so be sure to stock and decorate the room with games and designs that reflect all of you.

The benefits of your game room are many:

  • Family Time. No matter how many people you have in your family or how old your children are, let’s admit it. Family Time is a typical rarity. Having an at-home game room is sure to encourage the important family time. True memory-maker times, together
  • Fight off boredom and make your home THE place to be for your kids and their friends
  • Add some very special entertainment space; the living room can finally be the living room again
  • Increase and improve those family and friend get-togethers; especially ones that they will never forget. And don’t be surprised when they ask when the next get-together at your home is
  • You and your family need a special break from this stress filled world of ours. Take that break at home, together or alone. Right in your own home.
  • Your own relaxation after a long day of work is important. Had one of those long, bad days? Make your home the perfect wind-down space. It’s easy! Just enter and enjoy your Game Room
  • Increase the value of your home (this is one is pretty much a wonderful and obvious benefit)
  • Ultimately, make your home your very favorite place to be

The Unique Features of Your In Home Game Room

In a perfect at-home game room world, aim to feature a special balance that includes fun, functionality and sweet, sweet comfort. Your unique game room can be used to play and to relax and to entertain family and friends; or even set up an area that can be used as super cool and comfy homework or home office space. Always allow your needs, and your personality, to shine bright and shine through.

You can go with simple features. Or go on ahead with big and bold features. Go modern, or go space-age, or go unique, or go artsy, or go for ultimate comfort. It’s your game room, so go with the styles and features and the decorations you want.

  • Set up seating areas so you’ll have plenty of room for your family and for your friends and family alike
  • Consider a couch or futon for expected, or unexpected, sleeping space. Your game room will be the perfect space for sleepovers for your kids’ friends, as well as for friends and family
  • Feature your amazing personality. Colors, paintings, wall decorations and types of furniture with eye popping (or simply comfortable) designs all elevate your special gaming room. These features are also investments that raise the value, and awesomeness, of your home
  • Feature a for-adults bar for you, your friends and family. Supply some favorite drinks for adult hang – out fun
  • A refrigerator or mini fridge, stocked with snacks and water and juice and soda, will be a definitely plus feature for your game room
  • Have some special collectibles or cool props? Include them in your game room to express your families individuality and to add some more fun to your play space
  • Lighting that is unique and special. Go for it.
  • Do you or your kids enjoy gaming? Inject some special personality into your game room! Include a specially designed gallery of gaming computers that will blow your (and your guests’ minds).

Considerations Before Building and Buying Your Home Gaming Room

Building your Game Room certainly will take some thought and consideration. For example, if you have any type of spare room or space, well -- that is just perfect. It is the pathway to converting the space into the game room of your dreams.

But your game room design space is certainly no dream. If you want it, you will make a true reality. Sprinkle some time, some energy, some investment money, and some passion into what you really want. And before you know it, your thought, ideas and considerations will evolve into one of the favorite areas of your home.

Remember to consider such important things as:

  • Space availability. Size does indeed matter when planning the details of your game room. How much space do you have to create what you want and need? When it comes to creating a great game room, comfort matters. Avoid creating cramped rooms or areas. Being cramped is no fun.
  • The capacity of your home’s electrical load. Having an in-home game room will require lots of new electrical installations. You don’t want to overload your electrical system and trip the breakers on a consistent basis. So do consider the electrical load you house currently can handle. If you want to extend that load by calling a professional, go for it.
  • Think about how you’ll pay for your game room creation. When it comes down to financing your Game Room, well, of course – you can take out a bank loan or a second mortgage on your house. But don’t do that. Use your savings, inheritance money, or even credit cards you know that you can, and will, pay off on a regular monthly basis.

Popular Game Room Trends That Will Spark Your Imagination

Discover and explore a fun and exciting list of trends that make are currently making for happy, usable, unforgettable in-home Game Rooms:

  • The Luxuriously Designed Entertainment Game Room

    o Fun. Passion. Entertainment galore. Luxury and comfort. Even on a budget, you can make this kind of Game Room a reality, right in your home. Even on a budget. How about an out-of-this world 3D ceiling mural? Track lighting on the floors and walls? Gaming desks with plenty of comfortable room. Chairs and couches you’ll want to stay in – all the time. The luxury list continues. Explore a plethora of ideas for your luxury Game Room. And have a fun and high class blast.

  • Go Rustic

    o Wood beamed ceilings, a fireplace, planked walls, flags, wooden storage and farm styled furniture, checkered fabrics, an extra artificial deer’s head or two. Rustic coziness galore. Take an online gander at all the fun and stylish rustic decorations you can fill your family Game Room with

  • Small Space? No Problem.

    o When it comes down to smaller spaces, it comes down to no problem Game Rooms. It’s easy to find inspiration for small yet totally fun and usable spaces to game away in! First, explore any extra garage or attic or loft spaces. If your home doesn’t have these extra spaces, no problem at all! Simply create a transitional room anywhere in your home. It’s so budget friendly and a LOT simpler to create and enjoy than you think.

Checklist for Game Room Success

  • You may be at play, but don’t underestimate the comfort of quality seating. Chairs, couches, futons, big and oversized pillows you can sit on; they all count in a big way
  • Accent pieces: don’t forget the Game Room related decorative stuff!
  • Rugs and curtains and privacy walls and beaded curtains, when necessary and where needed
  • A functional coffee table or book shelving or even a gaming chest to keep your gaming goodies (and your coffee cup!) organized and findable
  • Throw blankets and pillows and poufs; you and your family may very well be spending a whole lot of time in your amazing Game Room
  • Be it a Ping Pong Table, a stack of game boards, a video arcade machine, high tech monitors for high tech gaming, puzzles, coloring books, or even a nice TV (or all of the above) -- Game Room success equals any and all of the fun things you and your family enjoy
  • Chuck out the “standard” and create a Game Room filled with a fun and spirited mix of materials. When it comes to your at home Game Room, sweep aside the ordinary

Final Thoughts on the Game Room That Best Suits Your Home

Home happiness does not begin and end with perfectly decorated rooms and neatness all around. A happy home begins and ends with a room that is loved, enjoyed, used and promotes family togetherness.

So when it comes to your Game Room, define your family’s key goals … forget “big and bold” if it’s not in your home budget … and be unique and fearless in designing just the right Game Room of your family’s dreams.

In this case, size does not matter. An ultimately happy and well-used Game Room does. And always remember that home happiness doesn’t include everything plus the kitchen sink. Go with your instincts and know what is not needed and what you can leave out of your fun family Game Room.