Outdoor Benches Buying Guide

For a lot of people, especially those who live in metropolitan areas, outdoor space is a luxury that very few get to enjoy.

In fact, you can expect a high price tag from apartments in big cities like New York and London that offer even the tiniest of gardens.

The demand and desire for outdoor areas in a home shouldn’t be all that surprising. A garden or a lawn is an extension of the property.

Depending on your household’s priorities and needs, it can serve as the solution to your indoor space problems. If you are the kind of family that loves hosting parties, a garden can be your events space. Likewise, if you enjoy collecting memorabilia, a properly furnished backyard can be a great storage option. Your garden can also be a great place to relax and unwind after a long day.

With that said, making the most out of your outdoor space is all about optimizing the area with decor and furniture. Arguably, one of the best purchases you can make for your backyard are outdoor benches.

Outdoor benches are extremely versatile. They can be used for extra seating, outdoor storage, or even for decor. There is a variant for every need, style, and budget. It is all a matter of picking the right one that would suit your style and need.

Best Outdoor Benches

Itching for a backyard makeover? We have vetted several benches according to price, material, and size. Below are the best outdoor benches that would take your backyard from drab to fab:

  • Anderson Teak Brisbane Deep Seating Bench, $1985, Anderson Teak Wood, 29''W x 72''D x 38''H
  • Source Outdoor Furniture Wicker Circa Curved Highback Bench, $2407, Duraweave Wicker, 79''W x 39''D x 33''H
  • Cane Line Outdoor Mega Graphite Aluminum Wicker Cushion Bench, $2195, Cane Line Fiber, 68.9''W x 25.6''D x 32.9''H
  • Tropitone District Aluminum 6' Bench Square Pattern, $2470, Aluminum, 72''W x 23''D x 37.5''H
  • Lloyd Flanders Low Country Antique Black Aluminum Garden Bench, $2512, Wicker, 5''W x 35.75''D x 34''H

Best for Customization Options - Anderson Teak Brisbane Deep Seating Bench

 Anderson Teak Brisbane Deep Seating Outdoor Bench

Anderson Teak Brisbane Deep Seating Bench

One of the best things about outdoor benches is the fact that they can be as utilitarian as they are decorative. Anderson Teak’s beautiful garden bench is proof of this fact.

Made from the world’s finest teak, this beautiful piece of furniture can withstand the harshest of winters and the hottest of summers. It is durable as it is aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t hurt that this bench is fully customizable. From cozy forest green to classic linen champagne, you have 36 cushion colors to choose from.


Especially if you are going for a rustic, secret garden aesthetic, the Anderson Teak bench would fit right in your wheelhouse. With a couple of flower pots and grapevines, this bench can transport you to your peaceful relaxing place.

Most Comfortable - Source Outdoor Furniture Wicker Circa Curved Highback Bench

Source Outdoor Furniture Wicker Circa Curved Highback Bench

Source Outdoor Furniture Wicker Circa Curved Highback Bench


If you are in the process of furnishing an entire home, you probably know how stressful the process can be. At the end of a long day of shopping, the best thing that you can do is to sit back on a comfortable bench and relish on the day’s accomplishments.


The Source Outdoor Furniture Wicker Circa Curved Highback Bench is perfect if you are looking for optimum relaxation. This ingenious bench is designed to be comfortable and utilitarian. Not only does it have a comfortable high back design but it can also fit three people with ease. Made from patented duraweave technology, you are ensured that this piece of furniture would last several years worth of outdoor parties and barbecues.


If you are the type of household who enjoys having people around, the Source Outdoor Furniture Wicker Circa Curved Highback Bench is an investment worth making.  


Best for Small Spaces -  Cane Line Outdoor Mega Graphite Aluminum Wicker Cushion Bench

 Cane Line Outdoor Mega Graphite Aluminum Wicker Cushion Bench

Cane Line Outdoor Mega Graphite Aluminum Wicker Cushion Bench

Truth be told, just because you have an outdoor area in your home doesn’t mean you have a lot of space for outdoor furniture. Nevertheless, with mindful furniture choice, you would be able to maximize the outdoor square-footage that you have.


Cane Line Outdoor’s Wicker Cushion bench is perfect for small backyards and porches. Clocking in at 69 inches in width, this bench can seat two people without taking too much space.


This particular variant includes cushions for more comfortable seating. It is both modern and rustic! With this bench, you truly don’t have to choose one aesthetic over the other.

Most Lightweight and Low Maintenance - Lloyd Flanders Low Country Antique Black Aluminum Garden Bench

 Lloyd Flanders Low Country Antique Black Aluminum Garden Bench

Lloyd Flanders Low Country Antique Black Aluminum Garden Bench


For those who enjoy it, decorating and redecorating a space is a rewarding hobby. With careful planning and mindful purchases, you would be able to revamp any room without having to spend money.

If you enjoy interior design and find joy and mixing your outdoor space up, the Lloyd Flanders Low Country Antique Black Aluminum Garden Bench is the perfect choice for your backyard. This bench is made of durable but lightweight aluminum that allows you to experiment. It is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Truly a bang for your buck!


Most Durable - Tropitone District Aluminum 6' Bench Square Pattern

Tropitone District Aluminum 6' Bench Square Pattern

Tropitone District Aluminum 6' Bench Square Pattern


Buying investment pieces can be hard on the budget. While cheap doesn’t necessarily mean terrible quality, spending a little more on good quality pieces is always a good decision. When it comes to outdoor furniture, the material determines the longevity of a piece.

If you want something that lasts, go for material that is sturdy. The Tropitone District Aluminum 6’ Bench Square Pattern is made from 170 lb of Aluminum material that without a doubt would stand the test of time.

It is also perfect for outdoor spaces with fire pits since stray sparks would not affect the bench’s finish.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Bench: Factors to Consider

Beyond the picks above, there are plenty of outdoor benches available in the market today. Nevertheless, options do not necessarily make the decision easier. If you are still struggling to take the plunge and make the purchase, below are the factors that you should consider:

Determine Your Purpose

The furniture that you buy for your outdoor space should be determined by the purpose you intend to use the area for. This way you get the most out of the porch, backyard, or garden that you have. Knowing the space problem you want to solve in your home would make the bench buying process a lot easier.

Determining the purpose of your bench before making a purchase would also prevent you from making costly mistakes. Sure, furniture can be returned - but wouldn’t you want to save yourself the hassle and be right the first time around?

Set a Realistic Budget

Most people assume that building your own bench is cheaper than having to buy one. While it might be true for experienced woodworkers, there is a lot of planning and craftsmanship involved in building furniture. Opting to DIY when you are inexperienced can be a waste of time and resources.

Besides, there is an outdoor bench for every budget. In fact, in the list above, you can get a durable and functional piece for less than $100.

Measure the Space

Another rookie mistake that people make when buying benches is failing to measure the space allotted for the piece. Just because a bench has everything you need doesn’t mean that it is the perfect choice especially if there is simply no space for it in your backyard. Wrong-sized furniture can make a space look small and uncomfortable.

Before heading to the store, make sure you have measurements in tow. Think of several different places you can place your new bench in. This gives you a little bit of wiggle room on deciding on the style.

Check for the Durability

 While cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality, pieces of furniture are investments worth making. The idea is to buy a piece that would stand the test of time and last for many years.

The same is true for outdoor benches. Moreso, in fact, since these pieces are exposed to the elements. If you want your bench to last, you have to choose materials that are known to be strong and sturdy. You want your bench to survive all seasons no matter how harsh it gets.

Always remember that in buying furniture, it can be tempting to get the cheapest option possible but investing a little bit more money may save you in the long haul. 

Your Perfect Outdoor Bench

 There is nothing quite like having outdoor space in your home. If decorated well, it could be your relaxing respite from everything that is happening in the world. Having a good, sturdy, and beautiful outdoor bench would allow you to enjoy the space that you are lucky to have and enjoy.

With hope, the picks above, as well as the tips, would help you land on your home’s perfect seating option.