Bed Buying 101

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your home is your bed. Read on to enjoy our bed buying guide, which will simplify the buying decision for you.

Bed Buying 101 Buying Guide

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your home is your bed. It is where you go to rest after a long day. Apart from its functionality, it is among the first things that stand out in any bedroom. It, therefore, needs to be chosen carefully to provide comfort and appeal. Are you in the market for a new bed? Read on to enjoy our bed buying guide, which will simplify the buying decision for you.

Factors to consider when getting a bed

Considering that different people have different needs, consider the key factors to get something suitable for your needs. Here are some of the important ones:


The right size is essential in ensuring the person using the bed is comfortable. Of course, if you have a partner, you have to choose a bed providing comfort for both of you. A bigger bed ensures there is minimal disturbance from either partner, especially if one of them turns a lot. The size of the bed is also determined by the space you are putting it in. Spacious bedrooms give you a lot of options when it comes to size, compared to smaller bedrooms.


Other than using the bed for sleep, you may have other needs like additional storage under the bed. Also, if you want a bed that your child will use until they are teenagers, maybe get a slightly bigger bed.


Before you start shopping for beds, have a price range in mind. Whether you are getting a new bed for the guest room, treating yourself to a fancy bed, or buying one for a grown child, first work through your budget and see what you can afford.


A bed is a considerable investment of ten years plus. Therefore, research a little into the beds you are interested in, including the reputation of the manufacturers. If the quality is excellent, most likely, the bed's comfort, longevity, and general support are of high standards.


As much as functionality is the major purpose of a bed, aesthetics are essential too. Bed styles range from classical, contemporary, traditional, and many others. You are sure to find something to suit your personal taste.

The four major categories when you go bed shopping include:

  • The type
  • The size
  • The style
  • The material

Studying these areas can help you narrow down the process of buying. For instance, in size, you can pick king size then explore the different styles, types, and bed materials available in king size bed.

Types of Beds

There are many styles, but what you choose should suit your design preferences for a cohesive look. Some popular bed styles include:

Platform Beds

A beautiful, versatile, firm, and solid bed that looks as stable as it feels. A platform bed features a straightforward design with a low-sitting base eliminating the footboard. They offer a minimalistic yet bold and creative look that suits most bedrooms. They also look great with low-key box springs or bunk boards to highlight their sleek and horizontal lines.

Sleigh Beds

These types of bed feature boards that curve or turn outside like a sleigh for an attractive look inspired by French sleighs in the 19th century. If you appreciate classic and antique styles, this is the bed for you. It is a good fit for open bedrooms with modern designs and unique architecture, such as exposed wood beams, adding instant character.

Panel Beds

A panel bed can be found in either wood, metal, or upholstered. It features a flat panel headboard that matches the footboard. Usually, the panel detailing is vertical and can include raised panels, inset panels, and slats. These beds are generally higher than platform beds, and they bring a traditional or classic look to the bedroom.

Poster Beds

These beds feature four posts on each corner with elaborate designs or detailed carvings, giving the bed a majestic look. The posters can be of the same or varying heights, and you can even choose to include a canopy. Also, in most cases, a poster bed will only have a headboard without a food board. If your room has limited ceiling space, you may first want to measure before getting something that will not fit.  

Canopy Beds

They are almost similar to poster beds. Canopy beds have connecting crossbeams, which you can dress in fancy fabric or even put on rope lighting or twinkle lights for a more dramatic effect. Given how big they are, these beds are ideal for lofty spaces with high ceilings. Also, if you opt to put a fabric on, note that they tend to collect dust easily, and if you have pets, they will be tempted to play with the material if it is draped on the floor.

Adjustable Beds

These beds are commonly used by people with certain medical conditions where they need to adjust the bed to different levels for enhanced comfort. Modern designs come with great improvements where the adjustability is on each side. This makes it great for partners, where one can adjust their side to sleep, read, or watch TV without disturbing the other person. These beds improve sleep quality, combat snoring, and relieve pain. Also, note that adjustable beds use specific mattresses, and it has to be near an electrical outlet.

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Bunk beds are the ultimate space savers as they feature two beds stacked on top of each other. These beds are kid-friendly and can be found in trendy styles, like loft, trundle, and L-shaped. However, they are not just for kids. They are also great for studio apartments and dorm rooms.

Day Beds

Day beds are multipurpose, functioning as beds, chaise lounge, or couches for either a living room or guest bedroom. An important consideration when picking a day bed is to get a supportive back where one can lean against it.

Choosing a Bed Style

Bed frames come in a variety of styles, like traditional and modern. With many options available, you can turn your bedroom into a classic retreat or incorporate a rustic feel into the guestroom through a traditional bed. Here are a few styles you should take a look at:


A traditional style leaned towards wooden construction with bed molding and carved or turned legs for a classic touch. This style complements most bedroom décor. Therefore, even if you renovate the room, this bed can still maintain its appeal and help bring a room together.


The industrial style features metallic and weathered finishes. It is bold and does not conceal anything, emphasizing every bit of its construction to catch one's eye. From sharp lines to sudden mechanical connections, when an industrial bed is paired with luxurious bedding, it makes the bed the focal point of the room.


This reclaimed style brings a cabin-like feel. It consists of wood and weathered details that bring out an antique and rugged appearance radiating warmth and character.


Almost similar to rustic, the farmhouse style features a bed with weathered finishes that give your room a vintage-inspired look.

Mid-Century Modern

This style features gentle curves, clean lines, and organic shapes that bring out simplicity and elegance. This type of style is popular in contemporary bedrooms.


This style is defined by hardy oak, exposed carpentry, and stained finishes. Mission style displays simple craftsman styles with an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines.


A contemporary style blends traditional and modern aesthetics to create a minimalist look. Although similar to modern designs, a contemporary style combines lavish finishes, neutral hues, and fetching accents.

Types of Materials

For every style, size, and type of bed, you have different materials to choose from. The ideal material for your room depends on the bedroom décor and the maintenance and durability. What you choose should be able to coordinate with other furnishings in the room.  Here are the common bed materials you can explore:


Wood is the most common material used for making beds. It can either be painted in the color of your choice or stained. Since wood is versatile, it can feature curved, straight, molded, or carved accents, bringing different styles to the bedroom.


Metal beds are ideal for when you are going for an industrial or eclectic style. They require almost zero maintenance and are highly durable. If you are going for a feminine feel, choose a metal bed featuring scrollwork, and for a masculine look, clean and straight lines will do the trick.

Fabric upholstery

Upholstered beds come with wooden or metal frames that are padded and covered in fabric for an elegant finish that adds texture to the room. If you are going for a sophisticated look, get a bed with leather upholstery. For those going for a vintage-inspired look, textured cotton or tweed-covered beds create an impact.

Bed Sizes

No one wants a cramped bed that will restrict the body from moving during sleep or lead to falling to the floor. But before buying the bed, also consider the size and shape of the room and if you are sleeping alone or with a partner. Also, measure the door openings where the bed will pass through, ensuring that you will not be disappointed on the day of delivery. The standard bed sizes are:

  • Twin bed, sleeps one
  • XL twin, sleeps one
  • Full bed, sleeps one or two
  • Queen size, sleeps two
  • King size, sleeps two
  • California King, sleeps two

Picking The Correct Head Board

As you narrow down your decision on the type of bed you want, also consider the kind of headboard you need. To determine this, think of what you do mostly in your bed. If you are a person who will just collapse and fall asleep immediately after a long day, then a metal or wood headboard will work just fine. You can even choose a headboard with open grillwork or slats, as you won’t spend much time leaning on the bed.

On the other hand, some people prefer to read or watch TV in bed before they finally fall asleep. In such cases, go with an upholstered headboard. The padding will allow you comfort, making you feel like you are leaning on a couch. A solid wood headboard can also work well, as long as you have invested in good cushions that soften the back.

Picking a Bed for a Smaller Space

If you are buying a bed for a small room, consider storage beds as they allow you to make the most of the space you have. Since they feature built-in drawers, you will have additional storage under the mattress, eliminating the need for a dresser.

Final Thoughts

When selecting a bed, the key things to focus on is durability, dependability, and something that displays your style or matches your taste. Do not shy away from choosing a bed with an elaborate design due to the worry about how to set it up. Most of these beds can be assembled with tools you have, or you can get someone to help you with the job. Do not let anything stand in the way of you getting a good night's sleep!