Holiday Gift Guide: For The Modern Bohemian

Shopping for a bohemian? Find holiday present ideas they'll love with our modern bohemian gift guide.
Modern Bohemian Gift Guide

If you’re shopping for a free spirited, creative, and wanderlust spirit, chances are your buying for a “modern bohemian”. Relishing in bold colors and patterns, gifts in shades of teal, magenta, turquoise, purple, blue, and orange will be a score. Metallics also fit into the boho palette, as long as super shiny finishes are avoided. Ornamentation is a key trait of this aesthetic, so look for items with intricate details, tassels, or carved elements. For more inspiration before you shop, check out our bohemian design ideas. Once you’re ready to shop, here are our top boho picks for gifts:

Elephant Container

Turquoise Area Rug

Valene Chair

Juno Chair

Teal Revival Rug

Dark Teal Revival Rug

Elephant Herd Statue

Bach Candle Holder

Hartsville Light

Star Candle Holders